what i’m about to write is probably rather controversial, because it’s pure coming from my own thought. and this thought has bothered me quite long enough it’s driving me nuts.


i feel like slapping those who said that marriage is a simple thing. if i could have any chances, i would. repeatedly.


marriage is nowhere near simple. a man can say that he’s eligible enough to take a girl’s hand in marriage, but guess what, it’s not only his opinion whether he’s eligible or not.


assumption without recognition is nothing but narcissism.


where do we get the recognition? at least from both family to be joined by the marriage.


the thing is, it might not be earned in the very short period.


see that relationships take their own roads at their own speeds. i see that we hope one day we will be spending the rest of our lives with the one we love, but the path towards that goal is in fact not only one. even i believe that each one of us has at least one, maybe more paths, although eventually we are heading to the same direction.


don’t blame those who change partners so frequently. they might have no clue, yet, as to what they’re looking for as a partner. there might be some talking behind, but as human being, what do we talk about if not about other human being?


it’s not really a crime to have some experiences before you settle with the one. yes, there will be broken heart(s). but taken from one of my fav teenager serial, Wizards of Waverly Place, Alex’s mum once said:

i’m not saying that it’s a pleasant kind of feeling. but it’s a worth lesson for life.


so, i congratulate you, if you happen to meet the one in the nick of time, and his/her parents instantly approve your marriage without asking for any requirements or anything. and you two are married in a week or maybe two weeks after, even though you say that it’s a simple wedding or such. from the bottom of my heart, i’m happy for you.


but i can not take it if you say that every marriage is the same simple thing as you experienced before. you are more than deserve to say such thing if you have married at least ten times and all of them are as simple as your first.


like, i say that Cheetos is good cause i’ve had it since i was little, i’ve had it for dozens of times, so i know for sure that it’s good.


all i’m saying is there is no disadvantage coming from your experience. and it’s easy being simple, but being simple is not always easy.