i have thought about this point for more than once, a point called standard.


for as long as i can remember, i always blame the society for establishing over-the-top standard of everything. you are not smart unless you get 4.0 GPA. you are not gorgeous if you are not in a beauty pageant. it’s almost impossible to achieve all of those standard. however, it’s what i prefer to call as “high standard“.


i understand that in statistics, everything matters. it’s important to know the highest and the lowest value first to determine the mean of one set of data. after that, then we can expand our calculation to find the variance and finally, the standard deviation and normal distribution. only then, we can figure out whether one particular data is standard or not.


connecting this phenomenon to what happens in society, i’d like to draw conclusion that a particular society collects many behaviors and characters over years and from that set of data they specify both highest and lowest ones to gradually come to the finish line, that is the standard.


so, logically. to be accepted in the society, we are not necessarily needed to be perfect. we just need to be within the normal distribution by not going too far from the standard deviation.


wow. i should’ve gotten A on my statistics.


now, what’s the use of this standard?


honestly, this standard is used to keep us in check. nothing good ever comes from everything that is too much or too little. you get famished from not eating, you get heart disease from gluttonous eating.


same thing applies to work. you might be fired from being lazy, but you’ll get scorn on trying too hard.


i’m sure that you’ve been in situation where you’re forced to commit more than you usually do. I assume, mostly it’s out of your reach to refuse doing extra work. I mean, nobody sincerely likes to do more if they can do less, right? lol


however, assumption’s worth is nothing without any evidence. because i witness that there are some certain people who actually want to try too hard, if not waaaay too hard, simply to impress others.


I myself believe that impression is something you can not intentionally create. cause sooner or later, the real you will appear, breaking those masks you hide behind.


character is forged by ages. it is what makes you ‘you’. it is what you believe, what your hobby is, what your dislike is, and also how you behave.


so let’s say that you are borderline annoying, you can say all you want to cover that fact, that you’re nice, you’re generous, you’re kind, and so on. but eventually, people will see through.


it also goes to a person who tries too hard. you may mean to be diligent, but it will be translated as showing off. you may mean to be friendly, but it will be seen as overly friendly it’s so bothering. you may mean to be smart, but it will appear as smart-ass. bottom line, everything over the standard becomes irritating.


even a trying too hard body system will crash you. it is called by autoimmune disease. the cells which supposedly protect you, go overdrive then backfire and attack yourself. later, things that aren’t dangerous become deadly because the protector cells think that they are to be crushed.


imagine being stabbed by your very close friend. now imagine being cut by yourself, unconsciously. it’s that painful.


in that case, i assume that a trying too hard person must be painful inside. that makes me sometimes wonder if a trying too hard person ever feels exhausted after doing all of those works, and bearing the pain. ooh.


i don’t say that doing extra doesn’t benefit you at all. what i’m trying to say is that we all should be careful for not overdoing it cause it has potential to sneak behind you and trip you over.


and that is exactly the moment you should go recheck the standard. please, pay attention to any standard, and don’t deviate much more than it’s normal distribution. because when you think about it, if everyone wants to be exceptional, then it’s gonna be a new normal distribution.


peace out!