every rose has its thorn.


cause God made us perfectly imperfect.


for every brightness, there is darkness.


for every kindness, there is mistake.


and who would have guessed that mistake from people we care about, most of the times, is the one we took (too) seriously?


because when i think about it, nobody in their right mind would intentionally want to hurt people they care.


they just sometimes carelessly choose the unwise decision.


like, to a rose.


we could decide to enjoy its beauty from afar, away from the thorn;

or to take a chance to cut its stem, and get pierced by its thorn.


being hurt by people we care about is as hurtful as being pierced by rose thorn.




because we know it’s there. we know nobody’s perfect. but we let ourselves believe that the thorn won’t hurt if we’re careful. thorn is thorn. it’s pointy. it hurts. so does mistake.


then again, every rose has not only one thorn.

nobody will only do one mistake.


brace yourself.


you’ll need band-aids.