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before i go on, i should warn you that i am in a major UPSET state.

i have this ‘unique’ idealist relationship with books. quite troublesome cause this limits my reading target. i’m really eager to read at least 5 books in a year, but since i have to have the books first before i really read them, this 2014 year i haven’t really read anything proper. too much expense to prioritize, they’re for fulfilling my dentistry co-assistant requirements, and i can’t really save enough money to buy books that i want.

i kept entering the bookstores to stare the books, touch them, pick them up, read the synopsis, then look at the price tags, annnndddd

eventually put them back on the rack.

man, the price. so damn expensive.

and they just keep rising and rising. that is frustrating.

in 2013 i read lots of books. from The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest – the final book of the Millennium Trilogy, 4 books of Larten Crepsley saga of Darren Shan, The Hound of the Baskervilles, and some manga. i’d say that was quite productive. but then i’ve finished the trilogy and the saga, i’ve read all of Sherlock Holmes, and two manga i was collecting had finished too, i really don’t know what to read next.

so one day i went in, and a book caught my attention: The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window And Disappeared

the title was so intriguing. it is so damn long and basically summarizes what’s going to happen to the main character yet still feels so fascinating to be read. but then again, i was broke. i couldn’t afford it. so again, i left empty-handed.

until this afternoon. i’ve had some cash, i’ve made my decision that i HAD to bring home a book. i saw the book. i saw two versions of the book, the very same book. apparently, the book has been made into “Now a Major Motion Picture”, so the book publishers decided to change the original book cover with the poster of the “motion picture”.

i hate when the book publishers do that, and they do it all the time.

like, WHY do you do that? the original cover is already awesome. why are they doing this over and over and over. they did this to The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo, Twilight, Divergent, Percy Jackson, Hunger Games, Eat Pray Love, The Fault in Our Stars, and so much more books. why? why? WHY?

Harry Potters manage to keep the original covers. why can’t the others?

so, naturally, i took the ‘The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window And Disappeared’ book to the clerk and i asked him: do you still have the old version of this?

and he said: we had one, but somebody just bought it few moments ago. really, just few-moments-ago.

FYI, repeating the sentence didn’t help.

needless to say, i was so disappointed. it’s like, someone stole my significant other. it was so sad.

ah anyway, i ended up buying Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer. it had turned into “Now a Major Motion Picture” too, and they also insolently changed the cover but i managed to get the original cover, yeeaaahh. however, i did watch the movie once, and i cried so much, i wonder how massive the book will bring out my tears this time.


i’m leaving on a jetplane~

who said that maintaining relationship is an easy-peasy work?



in many ways, relationship is hard work. it’s another challenge to build up a connection with someone who at first wasn’t close with you, at all.


in other topic…


i fricking hate GOODBYES.


i am not a good goodbye-er. i can not end up something properly. i spend more than 3 minutes to figure out how to end a phone call. and another 10 minutes to still talk around and give hints with “so…” so that i hope it’s not me who has to end the phone call.



since GOODBYES, implicitly contain a big question: can we still meet again, someday?


see, we can not separate those two things. because sooner or later, in any kinds of relationships, we have to face goodbyes.


i have this one removable orthodontics patient. her name is Erika. last week she notified me that she’s got a job in other city, so we need to finish the treatment like ASAP before she moves. we have been in this doctor-patient relationship for about 20 weeks or 5 months or nearly half of year.


and you know, i feel like our relationship is more than just doctor-patient. we’re like already friends. and i feel hard to let her go after all of the times we’ve been through.


i’m so very happy for her. i know that it’s not easy to get job nowadays. and i also know that Erika has worked very, very hard to get that job. and this isn’t the kind of feeling usual doctor or operator feels.


if this is just doctor-patient relationship, i would only be like “oh, good for you.”

but what i feel is like, “oh my God, congratulations! i’m gonna miss you so much!” then tears are coming. but it’s happening anyway. i’m so helpless knowing that i can’t interfere, haha.

however, i am. i am very happy for you, Erika πŸ™‚ thank you so much for all of the things you’ve done for me. when i’m already a dentist, it’s half because of you and your teeth, hahaha. and yes, i’m so really gonna miss you :’)



Armageddon always makes me cry. eventhough i have watched it for about twenty times or so. but that particular moment is just desperately sad. if i were Liv Tyler, i would perhaps say to Ben Affleck, “please. please, don’t leave me.”


so, yeah.

please. please don’t leave me.



positive from negative

so how you guys been doing? πŸ™‚


dengan cukup mengerikan, 4 jilid Saga Larten Crepsley sudah saya lahap habis, dalam waktu kurang lebih 2 minggu saja. dan sekarang saya ada dalam tahap book hangover.


yah, mungkin kalian juga merasakan kehampaan dalam benak ketika sudah gak ada lagi bahan bacaan padahal rasanya dalam pikiran masih penuh dengan hal-hal dan kejadian dari buku yang kalian baca.


book hangover ini sudah cukup sering menimpaku. Saga vampir Darren Shan. Saga Harry Potter. lalu Trilogi Hunger Games. trilogi Millenium (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). dan yang baru-baru ini adalah Saga Larten Crepsley (prekuel dari saga Darren Shan).


hangover kali ini cukup mengena di hati karena sebelumnya aku sudah mengetahui masa lalu Larten Crespley yang disisipkan di saga Darren Shan.


so, was i psyched done reading Larten Crepsley Saga? i was so totally psyched.


since Darren Shan is known as the king of twist, the story is unpredictable. other than that, i adore his choice of words. furthermore the ones he arranged for Seba Nile, a really wise and thoughtful vampire who also happened to be Larten Crepsley’s master.


Seba Nile adalah sosok pendidik yang oke punya, ngehits meski tidak menganut azas kekinian *halah. Seba Nile adalah seseorang yang cukup old-fashioned tapi tidak tertutup dengan perubahan yang pasti terjadi di dunia – since vampire led a very, very long life. Sire Nile ini berpikiran terbuka sekali. dan sekali lagi, super bijaksana, meskipun kalau memberi Larten hukuman juga nggak main-main, sih, hehehe.


saking bijaksananya, Seba Nile selalu memperhatikan tiap kata yang keluar dari mulutnya. dia tidak pernah mengatakan “don’t”. dia mengatakan “do not“. bukan “can’t” melainkan “can not“. saat Larten memutuskan untuk berbicara seperti masternya ini, setiap kali Larten salah mengucap “don’t“, Seba akan mencabut bulu hidungnya! ouch. desperate, Larten lalu membakar bulu hidungnya. tapi selanjutnya, Seba Nile akan mencabut rambut yg tumbuh di telinga Larten >< double ouch.


dalam masa pembelajarannya, suatu ketika Larten menjadi tidak tahan akan tugas-tugas tidak masuk akal yang diberikan Seba Nile. dalam kemarahannya, Larten memaki Seba lalu pergi menjauh. sahabat, yang sekaligus sudah dianggap sebagai saudaranya, Wester Flack, meminta Larten untuk menarik kembali ucapannya pada Seba. tapi apa yang diucap Seba?


“He (Larten) has stoodΒ  by me loyally ever since we met in that place of the dead, but the time has come for him to face the world by himself. He must choose his own path, not simply march with me down mine.”

“why don’t you just tell him that and cut him free?” Wester asked.

“It’s important that he thinks it is his own choice,” Seba said. “If you have to be told to rebel, it is not a true rebellion.”


serius, ini adalah kata-kata paling bijaksana yang pernah aku baca. Seba Nile used reverse psychology but he really made it worked since he meant it. ada maksud dari hal yang terlihat kejam yang ia lakukan.


and i can say that Seba Nile is a true educator. not just some dictator, or even punisher.


he did punish to educate. not just merely making Larten suffered.


and that’s what i need to learn.


in the future, i’m wishing to be one of educators. but i notice from my own experiences, i wasn’t patient at all. i got angry easily. and that made me unable to deliver little knowledge i know.


aku memang bukan Seba Nile yang selalu berhasil menerapkan reverse psychology dalam memberikan ilmu atau pengetahuan hidup. perlu pengalaman cukup untuk dapat menerapkannya, karena tidak mudah bagi seseorang untuk memahami sesuatu yang negatif lalu mengubah cara pandangnya menjadi positif.


dan tidak semua educator memahami bahwa tidak semudah itu berperilaku negatif untuk membuat para muridnya menangkap maksud positif yang ingin disampaikan – itupun kalau ada maksud positifnya. kok rasa-rasanya keseringan perilaku negatif yang ditimpakan itu semacam meaningless.


jadi. kau. kau. kau.


mau jadi pendidik atau penghukum?


which one do you wish for? educator or punisher?




this afternoon just finished reading The Saga of Larten Crepsley: Ocean of Blood, written by my most favourite author ever: Darren Shan.


Ocean of Blood

Ocean of Blood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


instead of a very horror title and in fact that the book is really filled with blood and killing scenes, there’s this love story i adore so much. Malora and Larten’s love story. furthermore, Malora’s brave confession about her feeling to Larten. it’s just perfect.


“What about you?” Larten asked. “If I return to the clan, you will have to study hard before i can blood you.”

Don’t be ridiculous,” Malora snorted. “I’ve no intention of letting you blood me. Vampirism doesn’t interest me in the slightest.”

Larten gawped at her. “Then why, by the black blood of Harnon Oan, have you been following me around the world?” he thundered.

“You really thought I wanted to become a vampire?” she asked. When he nodded, she sighed. “I knew you were naive, but i didn’t think you were that dense.” As he puffed himself up to bellow at her, she reached out and gently caressed his scar. Her touch calmed him.

“I never wanted to join the clan,” Malora said softly. “I said I did because that was what you needed to hear. I don’t care about returning to the human world either. I only want to be with you for all the nights and days that i have left. I knew you were the man for me the moment I saw you.”

“Wait a minute!” Larten gulped. He hadn’t been expecting a declaration of love. “You’re a child,” he wheezed.

“A young lady,” she corrected him. “And getting older. I’m patient. I can wait until you decide I’m old enough.”


“If you’re about to say that I’ll always be a girl in your eyes,” she interrupted sharply, “don’t. You might reject me, but don’t insult me. I won’t stand for that, not from any man, even the love of my life.”

“The love of…” Larten echoed weakly.

“You don’t need to do anything now,” Malora said sweetly. “You’re slow, like most men, but you’ll catch up soon and realise you love me as much as I love you. I just want you to know that, in the meantime, I’ll follow you no matter where you go. Your path is mine because my heart is yours.”


Malora is like my heroine. i wish i had enough courage to declare my love the way Malora did.


FYI, this isn’t the end of Malora’s prove that she really loved Larten. however, i don’t want to reveal all of the story here. all i can say is, her love didn’t end happily.


… she lay the palm of one hand on the door and bid a silent farewell to the lover she would never get a chance to truly love.


i might get the whole story wrong, but i feel like this love story is the main focus Darren Shan trying to deliver as part of Larten Crepsley’s long live. if you’re curious enough to know the full story, please be kind to buy the book. although it’s a struggle for me to collect the all four of the Larten Crepsley’s saga since they’re not available in Periplus Yogyakarta. however, it’s so worth it since Darren Shan’s story never let me down.


Even in death may she be triumphant.



gratitude towards Kevin and Peniel

sooo, yeah, i’ve been so infected by K-Music for quite some times now. thanks to Ninis, the very first friend who introduced me her favourite boy band (at that time, i don’t know whether she’s still into them nowadays), Super Junior. ah, yeah, you know them. they’re renowned for boy band with the most number of member, which was 13 members.


the thing is, music and i don’t always get along. i was so indifferent towards K-Pop. perhaps because the only K-music i knew back then was only Super Junior and i actually didn’t really click with their music. and then… thanks to Reina, for forcing me to watch SM Town concert in TV early this year that opened my eyes for SHINee.


FYI, i used to mock SHINee, like saying, “what kind of name is that? SHINee? pffft”


what goes around comes around, i guess? hahaha :))


unfortunately, as i scrutinize, SM Entertainment’s artists have this tendency of image and music from ‘innocent, sweet and cute’ – ‘mature yet sweet’ – ‘mature with sharp stare and intense music and moves’ – ‘looking cool’ – ‘trying too hard to look cool’ – ‘weird, sometimes with too colourful suits’ – ‘weird and just keep getting weirder’. i think, SHINee has come to the end stage, at least they’re on the brink. this marked my move to expand my edu-K-tion.


haha, see what i did there? edu-K-tion? good right? :>


thanks to cable i subscribed to utilize our desire of watching Formula 1 race, so i only ordered full sport and full movie packages. these packages come with some bonus channels. one of them is ArirangTV. no, i didn’t add extra to open KBS or SBS or else cause i was satisfied enough with ArirangTV which based all of it’s programs to English.


from ArirangTV, i know this half-hour program named Pops In Seoul. when i first watched it, the VJ was Daniel of DMTN and he was great. even my Dad said that his English was really good. unfortunately, he got some kind of marijuana scandal then he was replaced by Peniel of BtoB.


Peniel was completely awkward and his English pronunciation wasn’t even as good as Daniel’s. for some time i blasphemed his lacks, quite harshly. somehow i always watch this simply to mock Peniel but gradually i found his awkwardness was somehow cute and laughable. as he’s getting better and better at hosting the show, all of sudden he’s leaving and being replaced by Lim of Wonder Girls.


ah, what a shame. Peniel is adorable and i want this wish to my Mum to adopt him becoming my little brother.


Peniel’s reason for leaving was because he was concentrating on BtoB’s comeback. they’ve released new video titled ‘When I Was Your Man’, a jazzy song with simple concept video. too bad, Peniel’s part is tooooooo little. other than that, BtoB is doing good. the music itself is good and their vocals are clearly improving.


here’s the official video πŸ™‚


other than watching Pops In Seoul, at one random night, i accidentally found ArirangRadio which was able to listen on laptop by streaming it. because i’m half-nocturnal, i often do things when night has come but still need couple hours to sleep before dawn. well, the point is, at that time, i was on laptop and the on air radio program was called Hot Beat with Kevin of ZE:A as its DJ. i have to admit, i didn’t know what ZE:A was.


turned out it is a boy band, too, with 9 members. and Kevin is the main vocalist.


i tuned in Hot Beat almost every night. half because of wanting to hear Kevin’s hilarious broadcast and the topic he and Angelina talked about at Culture Code; other half because of i made friends on its Message Board πŸ™‚ their names are Dewi (from Indonesia, currently studying in Bandung) and Chloe (from UK). unique thing is, we never met before but it feels like we’ve been friends for ever πŸ˜€ love the girls so much >o<


recently, ZE:A made their comeback with full members, all 9 of them. the album is titled Illusion and their title track is The Ghost of Wind. please check the official video below.


it starts with gloomy accordion voice and steps sound then get synthesized a little before the orchestra starts playing the music. so dramatic.


personally, i think this is their best song so far. the music is not only dramatic, it’s also solid, thanks to the orchestra, the violins are terrific. you know, real music will always produce high quality song. what differs this song from other boy band’s is actually how they really ‘exploit’ their voice type.


most band usually only split the songs to all of the members then sing the chorus together. but what i note from The Ghost of Wind, on some parts, they appoint Hyungsik to do low while Kevin to do high – on official video at 0:53, and vice versa near the end, around 3:12. on live performance, they don’t do the first, probably because it’s obviously hard to dance and sing AND harmonize but i think they always nail the second.


jump to 2:50 on this live performance to catch Hyungsik-Kevin voice.


things i like too is their suits! they have this flowing long-back suits that accentuates their circular moves. ah, i always love men with suits – and perhaps tie.


anyway, for a 9-member group, they split parts quite fair. Junyoung and Kwanghee get too little part, though. well, at least Taeheon, Heecheol and Minwoo split fair rap – it’s good for 3 rappers in a group. Siwan gets little too, but i don’t think that’s a problem since – IMO – he’s the visual of group, he’s done his job just by looking handsome, hahaha. Kevin, Hyungsik and Dongjun get the most part. but i was quite surprised that Minwoo sang the last line of second chorus. nice improvement πŸ™‚ – it’s always good that a rapper can also sing.


why am i writing this post, you ask?

why not?

if something is good, it deserves all publication it can get πŸ˜€



to open this post, i’m gonna say this one sentence.

“there is no real truth in this world.”


kalian pasti merasakan sendiri betapa suatu cerita tidak akan sama lagi ketika sudah diceritakan kembali oleh orang lain.

it’s like everytime a story was retold, it’s guaranteed that the story had been changed. either it’s being added or cut.


since normal human being doesn’t have super power like Prof. Charles Xavier, or enough bravery to directly ask to the people involved, the best thing people could do is assuming. and assumptions are most of the times suck worse.


from wrong assumption, then the next stop is wrong rumor. after that, a lot of talking on the back. and then an unbalance judge. finally, you successfully ruin someone’s (or more) life.


to make it even worse, even if eventually we try to straighten the rumor, it’s less likely that people will believe.


yeah. social’s overrated. i really wish that everyone could be more like Lisbeth Salander. hm.


yah cukup deh dengan pemikiran negatifnya. sudah lama gak memposting apa-apa, tahu-tahu sounds that negative kekekeke.

anyways, mengenai asumsi-asumsi yang mungkin salah di sekitar saya sendiri, beberapa hari yang lalu saya beli sebuah benda yang dimaksudkan sebagai kado. beli barang ini ditemani oleh Vita, adek tingkat yang entah mengapa rela-rela aja saya seret buat nemenin πŸ˜›


besoknya, Vita mengirimkan pesan lewat salah satu aplikasi yang bisa menghubungkan Symbian butut saya dan Blackberry canggih Vita: WhatsApp.Β awalnya membahas kerjaan asisten Biokimia. lalu berlanjut dengan obrolan agak ngaco. tampaknya, Vita ini sudah mulai ketularan saya ngaconya hahaha.


vita: gimana, mbak, udah dikasihin belum kadonya? hehehe

aga: udah hahaha

vita: gimana mbak reaksi temennya?

aga: reaksi temenku? malah curiga dia, “apaan nih?”. cih, gatau dia kita bingung sampai muterin mall nya kayak tawaf.

vita: hahaha kayak tawaf.. temennya mbak gengsi kali kekeke

aga: engga kok, emang brengsek dia hahaha. yaudah sih ya hahahaha

vita: baik banget nih mbak aga. brengsek aja tapi dikasih kado. kekeke. gimana kalau orangnya baik, mungkin dikasih hati :3

aga: :)))) LOL


FYI, ini cuma satu obrolan ngaco yang terjadi antara saya dan Vita. tolong jangan ditanya obrolan ngaco lainnya, karena:

1. bagi sebagian orang kurang appropriate

2. udah lupa πŸ˜›


yeah… what should i write more?

oh yaah.


insyaAllah (dan harus!) saya sih menargetkan bulan Agustus akan wisuda (mohon bantuan aamiin nya hehehe). which means…


perhaps these are the last lab reports i ever marked πŸ˜₯

mungkin tumpukan kertas HVS bergaris di meja ini adalah laporan praktikum terakhir yang akan saya koreksi. ihik πŸ˜₯


honestly, i’m not ready to leave the family of Biochemistry Assistant. i love being in it. i don’t want to save the white-purple uniform. i don’t want us to separate. aaaah why so sad suddenly πŸ˜₯


you know the feeling of losing something you treasure so much? it’s nearly like that.

because treasure doesn’t have to be diamonds and golds, because happiness of togetherness will last forever :’)



just some convs

percakapan kecil ini terjadi pada siang hari ini ketika jatah asistensiku selesai.


“eh dek… cuma tanya aja, niih. kira-kira tahun depan ada yang mau daftar jadi asisten biokimia nggaaak? *nyengir*”


“aku, aku mbak, pengen deh. hehehe.”

“iya, mbak, aku juga…”


“waa. kenapa, nih, kok pengen daftar asisten?”


“habis aku suka aja mbak, campur-campurin larutan gitu.”

“iya, mbak, sama.”


“ooh… yaa semoga keterima, deh, yaa. hati-hati lho, ya, kerja di sini berat.”


“ah masak, mbak? bukannya cuma begini aja, ya?”

“‘kan kalau sudah praktikum juga cuma jagain praktikum aja, mbak?”


“*diem* yaa makanya kalian besok pas seleksi yg bagus ya, biar keterima terus rasain sendiri kerjanya asisten gimana..”




yaa yang begini ini yang membuat saya ingin dan terus mengajak adik-adik tingkat untuk daftar jadi asisten. semi-pekerjaan ini ternyata dianggap enteng sekali oleh para adik-adik praktikan. jujur, sih, ketika adik tersebut bilang ‘bukannya cuma beginian aja, ya?’ jadi lumayan sedih.


apa, yaa. ya, sedih gitu.


berarti mungkin selama ini, saya ngamuk-ngamuk setiap mereka ribut saat mau ngerjain pretest murni dianggap “cih, mbaknya cuma bisa galak doang.”


berarti mungkin selama ini, kami siap-siap buat menyelenggarakan praktikum, bikin peraturan segala macam, hanya dapat komentar “halah paling juga larutan sisa, terus nanti percobaannya gagal gara-gara sudah kadaluwarsa.”


enggak, kami gak gila hormat, terima kasih atau gimana kok.


kerja kami cukup dihargai saja sudah seneeeng banget.





tonight, tonight

We’re going at it tonight, tonight
There’s a party on the rooftop top of the world
Tonight, tonight and were dancing on the edge of the Hollywood sign
I don’t know if I’ll make it but watch how good I’ll fake it
It’s all right, all right, tonight, tonight


Hot Chelle Rae – Tonight, Tonight


first trip without parents, planning allll by ourselves (3 great fellas: reina, gita, luky and me), paying the main needs by myself, too! so stoke!




well… let’s say we’re going to the top of the world πŸ™‚


wish us luck – and tons of FUN! πŸ˜€




they say, change is good.

i say, it depends.

quite recently i did or experienced some changes and i had various expressions for them all.



English: The Click Five at their Manila Press ...

English: The Click Five at their Manila Press Conference (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

what do you guys know about THE CLICK FIVE?

instead of i sorta like them so much?

instead of the lead vocalist was Eric Dill?

instead of the lead vocalist was then replaced by Kyle Patrick?

instead of they already had 3 albums?


yeah, let me tell you that there’s no more The Click Five. they decided to break up. separate. go on their own ways. click here to read the official notice.


i was freaked out when i read first about their official announcement. it was January 15th, 6 in the morning and i was preparing for my Orthodontics IV exam.


personally, i totally didn’t catch any signs that they’d break up. i mean, i know their last album, TCV was in 2010, which was rather long time ago and Kyle Patrick had his own solo career, in fact he’s already had 2 EPs. but considering they were college mates and else…


no. i couldn’t believe this would ever happen.


on this term, change is bad.



lately, i’ve been Tweeting randomly like

“tried to do karaoke on SHINee‘s Lucifer, but the text is in hangeul! #die”


“happy birthday my last month crush, Junho (2PM), stay handsome.”


“why does Super Junior become like this weird?”



this is kinda ‘thing’ now.

and almost everyone reacts to me like, “what, you like K-Pop?”

“since when you’re interested in Korean?”

“are you turning to like Korean?”

they all said it in curious, shocked way. hahaha


well, K-Pop is not that bad. actually they’re cool.

and to answer, i’m not a K-Pop addict. i used to ‘love’ Super Junior once. then i reduced it to just ‘like’.

Super Junior

Super Junior (Photo credit: Aeternitas.)

then couple months ago, i checked this boy band 2PM’s hit song Put Your Hands Up that’s really awesome and gave me the whole new perspective about a truly manly boy band. but then i realized, apart from Put Your Hands Up and I’m Your Man, their songs don’t really fit with my likeness.

I'm Your Man (2PM song)

I’m Your Man (2PM song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


and next, thanks to Pump It Up Fiesta Reina and I often play, now i’m really into SHINee. i have ultimate crush on Kim Jonghyun, his voice is sooo goood. and slowly, i’m crushing every single personnel of SHINee hahaha πŸ˜€ who knows how long this might last πŸ˜€

Repackage Cover

Repackage Cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


as far as i know, this change is good, for me πŸ˜›



i had my hair cut.

not just cut, but ‘cut’ cut. like i cut it real short.

i used to have black wavy hair to the back. now, it’s only to the shoulder. kinda like Alex Russo‘s hair in Wizards of Waverly Place season 3 πŸ˜€ *i know that sounded too confident, but yeah my hair is just that long now πŸ™‚

Alex Russo

Alex Russo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


and i actually like my short hair. no more fall out hairs on the floor. easier to be combed. saving shampoo and conditioner too πŸ˜›


this change, me likey πŸ™‚



you know how they create smart phone, smart TV, smart-every-device? sadly, even smarter the device isn’t always followed by even smarter user.


i mean, some of my friends already have smart phones (Android, Blackberry, iPhone, etc), and they also have tablets (iPad, Galaxy, etc), while they also have laptops (Vaio, Mac, etc).

my device?

Nokia C7 with Symbian Belle inside, and HP mini laptop with Windwos-XP inside.


and my life goes on smoothly.

because i can get all the things i need from my cell phone. text, call, What’s App, OperaMini, stopwatch, Microsoft app, push e-mails, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Camera, Yahoo Messenger, zip, rar, Maps (GPS), Shazam, Video player, Music player, until YouTube downloader! oh yeah, games. i have Farm Frenzy, Diner Dash, Burning Rope, Freecell, Solitaire, Doodle Jump, Doodle Fit, and more. not an Angry Bird fan πŸ˜‰


while my mini laptop works quite well, too. sometimes maybe the laptop made few troubles, and it battery is no longer working, but still, i plan on keeping this laptop as long as possible. i still am able to chat, do the assignments, watch tons of movies, download a lot of things, play games (not a game addict though hehe), play piano – yes, i have electronic piano in my laptop…


you know, in my opinion we don’t have to follow every gadget change. it’s how we optimize each we already have. good for you if you can buy each, but it’d be better if you try to maximize the work first.


well yeah, probably that’s all.


Gandhi once said, “you must be the change you want to see in the world.”


change wisely πŸ™‚



real or not real?

Koh Phi Phi Ley Lagoon (


ever watched The Beach (2000)?

what left mark on your mind?

the handsome Leonardo DiCaprio?

weird game-ish ending?


the beautiful lagoon?


i’ve been so in love with beach, sea, and wind. didn’t take long for me to admire the lagoon. it’s so beautiful, almost like “is there really any place that amazing in this world?”


it’s like… too good to be true.

it’s like… dreams come true.


in this case, that lagoon still be my dream. the lagoon still be my too good to be true.


Kulur Ilir Beach, Bangka

Kulur Ilir Beach, Bangka


Ketawai Island, Bangka

Ketawai Island, Bangka


yes, i’ve been there to Kulur Ilir Beach and Ketawai Island. about 4 months ago.

yes, i still remember how comforting and tranquil the beaches were.

yes, they were the most wonderful beach i’ve ever been to.


this afternoon, i happen to coincidentally watched The Beach over cable. i caught in the same awe like the very first time i watched it.


it’s still be my dream.

it’s still be my too good to be true.


somehow, everything i experienced when i was in Ketawai Island and Kulur Ilir beach instantly felt like a dream.

was i really going there?

was i really feeling the water splashed on my feet?

was i really taking those picture by myself?


was it real or not real?


i know that when a too good to be true is true, it’s more than good.

nevertheless, it still felt like a dream…