hey ๐Ÿ™‚

What you’re reading now is an introductory of the owner of this so-called-blog.

I’m Ayu Fresno Argadianti, but all of my friends and family call me Aga. Why Aga is something i’m not writing here, kekeke

I love writing. I love books. I love telling stories. I’d love you to enjoy, to feel the stories i deliver. That’s why i’m practicing by creating this blog.

Most times, i just pour what’s in my mind. Sometimes in English, sometimes in Bahasa – ah, yes, I’m Indonesian. Sometimes it’s meaningful, sometimes it’s just a random thought.

Please feel free to leave comment or criticism even. I’d perhaps consider it, haha.

Oh yeah, i’m a Dentist gonna be. I’m doing this co-assistant doctor after getting my Bachelor of Dentistry. I’ll be getting DDS (hopefully) next year //fingerscrossed//

I’ll keep on writing on this space. Filling it with various experience, thoughts, reviews and so on. Cheers!