earlier this week, i got into a tiny fight with my mum. it was tiny, but still a fight. the main source of fight?


a scissors.


specifically, my black-handle scissors which i keep on the studying table in my room. it has always been there. last time i was in my room, it’s still there, i didn’t shift it any inch.


i was out of town for couple days, and i arrived home at tuesday night. that night, i found out that the scissors was missing when my mum asked me to get her one.


when i told her that it’s gone, she said that she did take it earlier to cut something then she forgot where it was last seen. i went through basically all of the room, all of the surface for the scissors, but all i got is exhaustion. the next day, fantastically, mum barged in when i was still asleep, to get the scissors – again, because she thought that i had found it. the fact that i hadn’t and it’s still missing just made me kinda pissed off.


when it was time for me to go to work, i said goodbye to mum and made a sarcastic joke about the scissors, “when you’ve found it would you please to get it back to my room? haha”

to my surprise, mum was upset. she made comeback with “i’ll get you thousands of scissors, better ones even.”


for all my life, i swear that one thing mum always repeats to my brother and me is: always, always, always returns everything back to the place you took it from.


so i guess at some point, it really is much easier to say, than do what you say.


it hurt me a little to hear mum’s comeback like that. because it really isn’t about the value of the scissors. it’s more about the value behind the lesson.


goods are, whatever, replaceable.

if i did care more about the scissors than the lesson, i’d gladly accept the new scissors. but i had this hesitation to quickly agree on the offer.


kinda like what happened with Tara and Abigail in the serial Dance Academy, when Abigail purposely broke Tara’s mirror and Abigail casually said that she would buy her a new one. the thing is, the mirror belonged to Tara’s grandmother who had passed away. for Abigail, indeed it was just a mirror. for Tara, it clearly wasn’t because the mirror had nostalgic value for Tara.


so, what kinds of value do you hold on to? does it ever affect you in thing like this?




PS. oh by the way, mum found the scissors on the backyard’s chaise this afternoon before she got to buy any new scissors.