hahahaha just kidding. i don’t even know how many of you that actually continuously read my post here in this blog. however, i realize that it’s been wa~~~y too long since the last time i wrote any post. writer’s block? hmm more like writer’s laziness lol.


if you ask what i’ve been up to, i’m going to answer with:

preparing the next step of my life.


for a couple of months ago, i’ve been completing the required documents for the study i’m going to enroll. it’s my dream to be able to continue in oral medicine specialty, although for a large number of people, my dream is such a big question of WHY.


i gotta admit that oral medicine isn’t the easiest branch of dentistry. there are  a lot of memorizing, and much more of understanding. in some way when performing this discipline, we act more like a detective than like a dentist itself. and i guess it’s one of the reasons why i’m attracted to oral medicine. the quest of diagnosing the underlying disease, the i-want-to-know-more-and-more attitude, and the realization that there are indefinite diseases out there, all make me feel challenged. i’m hungry to know more.


it seems too ambitious, but i feel like i have to put a relatively high target. i don’t know if you have the same experience or not, but even Albert Einstein stated:

The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.


and right now, i still don’t know a lot of things. that only means one thing: i must learn more.


there’s this joke between my friends and me. if you can not be skinny, make other people fatter.


first time i heard this joke, i was mindblown.


i honestly never thought of that before. it’s similar like if you want to be tall, you can exercise to make yourself tall or wear 10-inch heels; or you hang around people shorter than you.




all of this time, i only learn one way to achieve something. if you want it, go get it. not the other way around.


however, by that joke earlier, i became aware of how much people actually do the other way around instead. there are some who choose to make others look worse than they are just to be considered (more) superior.


i’m so sorry in advance, but in my humblest opinion, you won’t go anywhere with that tactic. so what if your friends are fatter than you, shorter than you, worse than you? it just means that you are just as fat, short, and bad, right?


so in conclusion, as much as it is not wrong, i can not agree with it, let it forever be just a joke.


oh, one more thing. i also have been so interested in learning about investments. a senior lend me her 3 books about personal finance and i’m eager to know deeper about it. for a simple reason: i love money and i’d like to see my money grow. muahahahaha


i’m still figuring out about the products, though. since i don’t have that much income, i’m still thinking this over and over again. but this doesn’t stop me from learning!!!


so, what have you guys been up to? 😉