the first thing appears in my mind when i read or hear the word ‘politics’ is hatred. i hate politics. i selfishly hate it, i don’t even really understand what politics truly is.


back then when i was in high school, a civic teacher asked the whole class this question.

what do you think of politics?


a friend raised his hand, and he said, “politics is dirty“.


i don’t know why this memory forged in my head, but from that moment on, i’ve always despised anything close to politics. i don’t have a clue the point of wars. i can’t forecast what probably would happen next. and the only strategy i know is how to crush 5 candies at the same time on Candy Crush. politics is confusing.


so, to get to know how hard politics actually is, i need to probe from the bottom. the definition of politics.


according to Wikipedia, politics is the practice and theory of influencing other people.

if you wish to know more about it, please read the rest yourself cause i have zero intention lol.


right after i get the definition, i instantly remember Game of Thrones.


The Lannisters had to do literally everything to maintain their reputation as the most respectful family in Westeros. because if they kept being respected, they could get everything they wanted. luxurious life in King’s Landing. sanctuary cause they always pay the debts, and so on.  and how did they do that? by meddling in all Kingdom parts. Cersei made sure Joffrey became a King after Robert passed away, by tricking Sansa so that Sansa’s father, Ned Stark, would confess treason and was beheaded. it’s long and windy road to achieve what Cersei wanted, but yes, she did it by influencing many people.

what Cersei did was politics.


there are two kinds of influence. the good and the bad. sadly enough, most people use the latter one. provocations, false reports, broken promises, bribes, personal benefits. these are the things which make politics dirty. in fact, we wouldn’t call it politics if the politicians do the good influence, because there’s no such things.


i kinda swear to myself to avoid all kinds of politics. the truth is, i can’t.


i just experienced an office politics where i consider myself as the scapegoat. i was unconsciously put in a situation to be a shield from one party to another, so that the other party would blame me instead of the party who sent me. needless to say, it sucks.


what sucks more was something else had happened behind this scheme, including a sacrifice of someone qualified to thrive in this office, for a contrived, nonsense regulations.


it’s breaking my heart. it’s also breaking every last respects i have to those who had made up the regulations. it’s really unfair.


it’s one thing when you fail because of your own mistake, but it’s other thing to be purposely failed by other people.


i guess, there’s no word fair  in politics’ dictionary. and there’s no use too to avoid politics cause deny it as hard as you can, you’ll always face politics everywhere. it’s just blurry or somehow covered you don’t see it instantly. but it’s out there.