i’m making myself suffered right now cause i’m trying to talk about passive aggressive when my keyboard’s g, h, and ‘ are so hard to press. i’ll take the challenge anyways.


without too much babbling, i just realize that we learn to be passive aggressive in a much cuter name called “frenemy”. friend-enemy.


you know, the kind of people you actually dislike but you still gotta act nice in front of them to avoid much more complications in the future.


what’s label more fit than passive aggressive?


unintentionally, i do passive aggressive, like all the time. if you’re not sure that you do it or not, you can check this site out. one time i did this, a friend who apparently fed up with my whole passive aggressive scheme, said “just say what you really feel already! most of the times, being passive aggressive is just a way of you being sarcastic and that’s all. you wouldn’t even give a clue what the other person should do”.


i guess, female tend to do more passive aggressive than male – just because we usually turn everything into drama. however male have their excuse for being passive aggressive – again, it’s my guess – because of their ego.


like when a male coworker is asked to do something and he accepts it but eventually he doesn’t do it because of many excuses… yo, man, just say that you can not handle it. we wouldn’t look you down because of that. we would, in fact, look you down if you fail to fulfill the duty because of nonsense excuses.


i’m ending the post here. i think i already do passive aggressive by writing this. lol