in my opinion, ‘adjective’ is magical. it gives objects lives. it defines abstract shapes into something we can imagine. it is the colours to the eyes, the tones to the ears, the smells to the nose, the flavours to the tongue and the feels to the skin.


right until now i still can not understand how originally people define and moreover label a thing as, for example, small or big. how did they come up with the word small in the first place?


i realize that i can never find the answer to that one. however, slowly i gather that there is no one without the other. there won’t be small if there’s no big.


there won’t be beautiful without ugly.

so basically, Miss Universes should thank to the girls who are less beautiful compared to them. because imagine that all female populations were all equally good looking with good physique, not to mention smart and kindhearted too, i’m pretty sure we wouldn’t find the words ‘pretty’ and ‘ugly’ in dictionary. we need comparison.


in life, what we really need is not the comparison alone. we need the combination of the comparison. like the movie Inside Out.

Inside Out Emotions Chart

Inside Out Emotions Chart


if we’re never sad before, how can we embrace the joy?


the purpose of this post initially is about my experience of doing long distance relationship (LDR) which i skeptically stated that it’s really not a big deal.


well. i… was kinda wrong.


what makes LDR hard is actually about the distance transition. furthermore for those couple who really used to meet and do things together a lot and suddenly, BAM, you can not… yeah, it’s almost like a culture shock. the shock is what makes it hard.

apart from the yearning of wanting the real 3 dimensional body instead of just 2 dimensional Skype or picture or even only voice and soulless text.


sometimes when it hits you so bad, it hits you hard and it’s… ugly.


but it doesn’t mean that i can not find the beauty of LDR. i get to hang out with friends all the time. i get to stack all of the feeling, the missing, the yearning, the caring, so that the next time we meet, i get to value how priceless the little time we have. i can not value this as much if i weren’t in LDR.


see? the combination of the comparison.


i’m sorry if this post isn’t one of my best efforts. this is kind of post to unclog the writer’s block. i was about to pour my little getaway but i’ll just write it up for the next post.


have a nice day, peeps 😉