me: hun

him: hm?

me: i almost ate worm.

him: WHAT. what did you eat…

me: soup. broccoli. hahaha




this is by no means is a perfect timing for a blog post but you know me – or not, idc – when i got too much going in my head i went like poof and boom and peeeeeep.


i need recycle bin. to throw and process.


anyway, yes, i almost ate worm. those tiny worms we often found on broccoli.

did i end up eating the broccoli? yasss. i put aside the worm and ate the whole broccoli.

didn’t i consider that there might be more worms hidden on the broccoli? i did. but whateeevvvv. it’s dead already. and it’s already cooked. as gross as it sounds, i wouldn’t know anyway if i accidentally happened to eat one.



anyway talking about broccoli.

you know the appearance of broccoli, right?

is broccoli already in plural form?

if it is, what is broccoli’s singular form?





i think too much, don’t i?