i don’t quite remember how i eventually stumbled upon Anna Akana’s Youtube channel. one thing for sure, i was instantly able to relate and loved her vlog/videos sooo much.

reasons. okay, you need reasons. i’ll give you reasons.



1. she is a female. so am i.

2. she is funny. in a way. she is a bit vulgar, but i can respect that.

3. she tells her story which indirectly gives me motivation and enlightens my point of view. seriously.


if three reasons isn’t enough, you probably should try to watch her video yourself.


from all of her vlogs, one lesson of life i remember the most is: being alone is not the same with being lonely, being alone gives you times to understand yourself; what you like, dislike, your hobby, your ability; being alone challenges you to enjoy yourself first, before forcing other people to enjoy things with you.


i honestly can relate to this. it just makes sense.

like, how are people going to believe you if you don’t even believe in yourself first?



last Friday was a quite hectic day for me. i just finished my work at 3.30pm and i desperately needed a quick refreshing. i usually drag my bff Reina to come along but unfortunately she got sick. finally, i decided to hit a mall, just to do quick window shop and go to the hypermarket.


some of my friends said something like “how do you go to a mall alone?”

well, in my defense, i go to a mall alone so many times. since high school. and i don’t see what’s wrong with it.


perhaps at first it was weird to wander around, like a total loner, like i don’t have anyone to accompany. however if you feel weird going out with yourself, don’t expect others will be comfortable around you. it really makes sense, doesn’t it?


anyway i’m so passed that. at that Friday, i tried something new. still, inspired by Anna Akana’s vlog.


i tried couple times.

i walked and ignored people walking towards me. instead of walking aside to let them go straight, i walked straight ahead to let them walk aside and give me way.


i’m not trying to prove anything, really. but it’s fun to do. eventho i said that this isn’t a proof of anything, it sure did feel good as if you’ve accomplished one of your life goals.




you should try it.

i swear, it’s fun 😀