like Zayn Malik who just left One Direction, assuming that he no longer had the same direction with the other four boys, i think i lost mine too.


i’m struggling to finish my dental co-assistant, but i guess for a quite wrong reason. or reasons.


however perhaps i’m not alone in this, because most of us just want to get this over with. most of us are already fed up with the routine, the stress, the pressure, the uncertainty… we all feel those downsides in spite of realizing that actually we are not ready to be let out alone.


i think, all these times, since undergrad, we’ve all been led to the wrong direction.


we’ve all been forced to finish assignments and lab works and tasks, everything, without really knowing what’s it for. we just know that we have to be able to submit those tasks in time and try to get good grade, so that we can enroll next semester’s courses, so that we can graduate, so that we can enter the dental co-assistant, so that we can finally be a dentist.


we are forced to be so focused with the curriculum, the insanely strict rules and whatnot. we – or i – forgot that there are other things we can achieve, enjoy, experience. somehow it’s successfully terrified me, as, if i don’t graduate soon, i’ll be dead.


the fact is: i won’t be.


i’ll just a bit behind my other friends.


by the current education system and the social hierarchy, being left behind becomes one of the ultimate scourge. i don’t say that it’s okay to be left behind. i’m trying to say that if somehow you, or we, are; it’s not the end of the world.


i don’t know about students out there in other countries, but here in mine, it’s such a burden to be asked:

when are you graduating?


couple years ago, i made friend with a German. he came to Indonesia, specifically, Yogyakarta, to study. soon after his study time had finished, he traveled all the way to Bali (or Lombok? i forgot) then Australia first before actually going back to Germany. and earlier this year, he visited India and Nepal, before the earthquake thingy happened.


and i was like, “what.

even when i have semester break, i can’t really feel calm to leave the city too long to really far destination, let alone, to half across the globe. because usually, there will be sudden administration things we need to sort out immediately, and they have no excuse if somehow we missed it.


so, yeah, i was really surprised knowing he can travel all the way round the earth comfortably.


in my opinion, it’s necessary to have one definite direction. but we also need to open up other options. you know, like, we have this ultimate goal and the small ones.

like, coloring the sky blue, but we should also mix it with a little white, perhaps yellow, or gray. for a simple reason: to add more colors.

like, cooking chicken, by marinating it first and probably adding mirepoix. to give more flavors.


i’ve gone bit too far now with only one limited direction.

so, now i’m gonna start expanding my other directions.