hmm so yeah


nothing much going on in my life. but there’s this need to relieve some things in my head. and i guess i’m just going to write an update of what i’ve been through past of couple weeks.


so, i’ve done both of my odontectomy. for my personal record, i did my second in just less than 30 minutes. it’s counted fast even just for a usual tooth extraction. once again, it’s my personal record. i know a lot of my friends can do much, much better than me. *grin*


right after that, i signed myself up for the oral surgery exam. there are two exams, the practical one and the oral one. i got this examiner who is… well, hard to face. so, yeah i’m a bit scared :’ well, if it’s not hard, it wouldn’t be called exam anyway, right? kekeke *self pep talk*


and last weekend i tried to make choco chip cookie which turned out to be rather disappointing. i didn’t know what’s wrong, is it the recipe, or the flour, or the palm sugar, or the way i mixed the dough, or the oven, or the timing, or… i just didn’t find what i expected. yeah i guess expectation does kill, right?

however, my mum said that’s it’s just what palm sugar tastes like, and mum didn’t find anything wrong with the cookie. but it’s just… not like what i expected.

once again. expectation kills.


this failure kinda shook my confidence to bake again :/ like that time when i failed again and again to make scone. now i declare to refuse to make any scone. dang it. well, i’ll just calm myself down for few weekends. maybe i was a little too excited to bake :’


what else?


i’m looking for one patient that i can extract the lower molar for my practical exam. few friends and i searched some few weeks before, but i didn’t have the luck to get one hehehe. so yeah.


breathe in.

breathe out.



that’s just how we live the life, right? :’