i don’t know about your place, but where i live, recently the weather is motherfricking HOT. i sweat during my sleep, my hair is a mess because of the sweat, and fyi i already kick away my blanket. it almost feels like if i put mozzarella cheese in my room, it will easily melt. it’s that hot. or at least it’s how i feel.


the thing is, for couple days it’s hot, then the next day, rain pours as if it’s a year without rain and it’s becoming cold. then, it’s hot again. they turn interchangeably. and it sucks for our health cause it makes us prone to disease like your body is unwell, flu and cough and such things.


in fact, my family – including i – caught flu and cough simultaneously and things get a bit stressful cause when somebody coughs so hard, it will fill the entire room. i thankfully didn’t have it as terrible as my mum’s and dad’s. they’ve had it almost 2 weeks now, and they went stubborn to refuse seeing doctor about it.


i almost couldn’t take it anymore when i found out that mum barely slept because of her cough. she even slept on the couch because she said it’s too hot to sleep in the same bed with dad since they had the cough battle.


i tried to talk her into seeing doctor – the real doctor in hospital, because of her condition. instead, she preferred to listen to our neighbor to check her condition to some general practitioner in a drugstore. i had had it enough. i let her do what she wanted to do, i had given up convincing her, when suddenly brother said that she should seek for ENT doctor because he once suffered for the similar condition and – believe it or not – mum actually the one who took him to an ENT.


before anything shook her convinced mind after brother’s talk, i swiftly made appointment with the hospital and rushed mum to get there as quick as possible. couple hours later, we were driving home with an explanation and bunch of meds from the ENT doctor.


mum and dad just got back from Saudi Arabia after doing Omra few weeks ago and they’ve been coughing ever since. right after mum entered the examination room, the ENT doctor guessed it like hitting the bull’s-eye. then he explained that it’s a common thing because the mucous is eroded and this kind of cough could last until 35 days – normal time for cell regeneration. in the meantime he prescribed mum antibiotics, cough meds and other stuffs.


while dad…


still being stubborn. still doesn’t want to go to doctor, claiming he’s better already. but he puked this evening during his shower, mum said he caught a cold. haaaah males. we just can’t really understand them – and vice versa, right?


anyway, it’s medical related, and every practitioner can’t really guarantee for absolute recovery. so it’s not a wise intention if you go seek doctors – or dentist – for complete cure, cause we can only do our best.


well, that’s about it. took me long time to post this because my laptop went blank last week and it’s just done being repaired. i have my mini hp laptop back but i lost quite of my money – sigh. let’s see how far i can survive with this mini hp, shall we? hahaha


peace out, people.