there are times when i feel alone the most. and surprisingly enough, they are the ones when i’m with bunch of other people. those people might be friends. family. acquaintances. yet, i feel alone.


and there are times when although i’m all by myself and surrounded by strangers, i don’t feel alone at all.


for the past few years, i always keep this one thing:

it’s all in our mind.


many times that i was worried about being alone in someplace, i actually ended up either being alone or just feeling alone. and vise versa.

our mind is strong and stupid almost simultaneously. how so?


the thought of, for example, being so alone. before we know it, it’s already been there, kept as one of the fears.

but, what if we planted the idea of not being alone first? it will stimulate us into thinking in way more positive way. it will drag us to be more confident and chill in handling the situation – under usual circumstances.


you might ask why i’m being so concern of the thought being alone.


well, see. i’m this kind of girl who likes to go to the mall. alone. just to window-shop and let out my stress.

from my experience, not many of my friends have the same ‘courage’ to do so. some feel timid. some feel insecure. some feel weird. and some are just afraid of people saying, like “aaw~ that girl is alone, so sad, i’m sorry for her, doesn’t she have friend or boyfriend?” and so on.


and i’m trying to make a point here that being alone is not that bad.

i acknowledge that sometimes, i feel better when i have someone to accompany. a hand to hold to. a mouth to talk to. a shoulder to lean to.

but by being alone, it’s time to explore who you really are, to fully understand yourself, to love your own imperfections, before introducing them to others. i believe that when we already accept all of our flaws, it’d be easier to interact to others.


being flexible means you can adapt to every kind of condition. but that means that you don’t have your own shape. how boring this world would be if everyone is the same? 🙂