lately i’ve been so obsessed with Gabrielle Aplin’s Please Don’t Say You Love Me. not being cocky or don’t want to be loved, but personally, i’m sort of afraid to say ‘it’.



i’m not a professional lover. i’m just a heartless unstable emotional girl with her problems and whatnot. just from the first adjective that describes me (=heartless), you can refer how afraid i am to say ‘it’.


am i not able to feel? i am. with every atom of fears spilled all over.

am i that frightened? yes. yes, i am. i am that frightened to basically face the world. i am that frightened that i might (have) disappoint way too many people. i am that frightened to verbally confess that i am frightened.

don’t i want to have someone saying ‘it’? more than anything.


but ‘it’ gives this kind of pressure.

an obligation to say it back.

otherwise you’ll be considered you don’t feel the same way.


just please don’t say you love me, cause i might not say it back

doesn’t mean my heart stops skipping when you look at me like that


so yes. i can relate to Gabrielle Aplin’s song.