this is not a review of Mitch Albom’s novel, Tuesday with Morrie. firstly, because i haven’t read it. secondly, because it’s my story.


somehow this Tuesday felt different.


tuesday with bu beti

i was going to the campus early. i had appointment with a patient to have a check of the denture i made. the patient had worn the denture for about 2 months now, thankfully without any complaint :’


we agreed to meet at 8 am. but somehow until 8.30 the patient hadn’t appeared and didn’t reply my text message. i was kinda afraid that the patient would bail on me – again for the 3rd times. so i sat outside the clinic, to pay more attention to everyone passed by. who knew that one of them might be my patient.


as i waited, reading The Help on iBook, one of the nurse named Bu Beti, came and dragged me away. i was like, “what happened? did i do something wrong?” but she was like, “just ssh, follow me.”


it turned out, she dragged me to one of my lecturers. bu beti said to my lecturer, “here’s the person. her uncle is single and looking, too!”


i laughed because it was about being matchmaker. i do have an uncle who is currently single and looking. he is a doctor, specialized in ophthalmology. and apparently, my lecturer’s first daughter (from 3) who is an architect, is also currently single and looking. what made my lecturer kinda in rush was that her other daughters are all married.


my lecturer’s daughter and my uncle both are in their late 30s. i have no idea if they would click each other and eventually get married… i just thought that i can somehow feel my lecturer’s worry.


even though late 30s is not old yet, but it’s not young either. i really can’t relate to people in their 30s but still not married yet, about how they feel for their own state or about other people nagging them to get married ASAP. because naturally, for this kind of thing, human beings don’t want others to interfere too much. human beings want it to come closer by itself instead of being forced.


state of being in love somehow is something that can not be compelled. but it can be induced. and all human beings got to do is simply to open their heart.


if a house’s door isn’t opened, nobody will enter, right?


same thing goes to our heart.


tuesday with fitri

fitri is one of my friends from the same batch in campus. today we met at the orthodontic department. when we were just talking about the college life, suddenly she told me that her ‘abang’ – the way she calls his boyfriend, was being romantic and sweet by giving her tooth-shaped sleeping lamp.


she said that abang didn’t always get her what she wanted at the time, but abang always memorized them all. she also excitedly told me about how abang tried so hard to surprise her, to customize the gifts and all.


i could tell that fitri was really grateful for having abang on her side. and that was the sweetest. i couldn’t be happier for her 🙂


tuesday with wisnu

stupidly enough, i planned to control my orthodontic patient, who wears expanding appliance, but i forgot to bring my sliding calipers to measure the gap. so i had to borrow campus’ calipers which was somehow disappeared.


after looking to every corners, asking everyone about the whereabouts of the calipers, i found them. they were being used by my friend named wisnu.


it’s been quite long time since i met him. so we had a chit chat about each other’s life and whatnot. then wisnu told me that his older brother just got a great job with huge salary. he kinda complained about how he had ‘wasted’ his 5 years in Dentistry, still hadn’t had job, how he felt like he should have not entered Dentistry, also his confusion if later he would take specialization – considering oral surgery but oral surgery takes forever to finish.


one of his acquaintances said to him that if what we look for is wealth, we shouldn’t get involved in medicine. because medicine takes time, and money, and more of dedication or social service. while – take it – we do desperately need money to survive. oh, life, could you be any more complex?


tuesday with you

oh, you know who you are 🙂