few months ago, a really good friend of mine, mbak Nina, asked Charin and me to take this online personality test called 16 Personalities. why is it 16 Personalities, because each is combination from 4 pairs basic personalities:


extraverted vs introverted

intuitive vs observant

thinking vs feeling

judging vs prospecting


she made a guess before we took the quiz that both Charin and i will be introverted for the first category – well, this is quite obvious because basically we all three are introvert, lol. one funny thing about us three is we are almost like sisters in crime, we share a lot of similar thoughts, characters and ideas. long story short, we took em, and…


i got ISFP. but not really sure with the result, i took another quiz and the result was…



i am a changed person!!!!


hahaha. sorry for being hyperbolic.


i don’t know what’s different from my answer, but now i’m an INFP person. consulting with mbak Nina and Charin, Observant people usually are carpe diem, YOLO – or as Ryan Higa said: EBOLO! , live the moment kind of people.


i guess that one trait of intuitive vs observant is somewhat rather in balance for me. before when i got Observant, there was only little difference with being Intuitive. now when i was described as Intuitive, and as you can see, only 13% more than being Observant. not that different either, right?


why am i being this concern about impulsivity, is because, i am often acting impulsive.


couple months ago, i was in this transition period at campus, when i had to go to campus but i didn’t really have anything to do. so suddenly, at midday, Reina and i decided to go to other town, Solo. it is a 1.5 hour to 2 hours driving just to get there. we didn’t know what we would do there. we just knew that we wanted to have that incidental road trip.

we made it. we arrived in Solo at around 4.30 pm, then parked in the nearest mall lol. we did window shopping for shoes, then had dinner, then at around 6 pm, we departed back to Yogyakarta. it was almost 8 pm when we were home. awesome, right? lmao.


a month ago, i was talking with some friends about coloring hair using the do-it-yourself-hair-dye. little did i know that at the same day, i instantly went to buy one package of mahogany color hair dye. i went home. i lock the bathroom. i stayed in the bathroom for 1.5 hour. and…

i did it. i did dye my hair at the same day with the idea came up.

altho it didn’t come up really good since the mahogany dye couldn’t penetrate enough into my black hair and the color didn’t spread quite evenly. but i was happy with the process, with the result hahaha. i have been wanting to have dark but not black hair. and i’m gonna keep this until, i don’t know, probably next month or two because i want to dye it ash-blonde. hahaha


a week ago, precisely when Mockingjay Part 1 released, i wanted to watch it soooo bad. but unfortunately i had no friend to watch with. Reina was in her hometown, sick. mbak Inggit had bought ticket for herself for the night show. i didn’t have time to ask anybody else because of my uncertain schedule that day, and i really don’t want to watch movie just by myself.

so, it was 1 in the afternoon. i walked to the parking lot. if nobody could accompany me, well, i would just watch Mockingjay other day when Reina came back.

suddenly, a junior who had been in the same work with me as Biochemistry Assistant named Dian, passed through my car when i was about to get in the car. she said hello to me, i replied, hadn’t gotten in the car.


i asked her, “where are you going?”

she answered, “to my car.”

“are you going home already?”

“yes, i am.”

the out of the blue, “you wanna watch movie?”

“like, now?”



“dead serious.”

3 seconds pause and… “okay.”


and there we were. went to the cinema, without knowing whether we would still get tickets for the movie or not. we arrived at 1.40 pm, and surprisingly, we still got fair seats for the 2nd show at 2.25.


so far, being impulsive works quite well for me. because plans are overrated. plan is just a way to disappointment. screw the quiz result whether i’m ISFP or INFP because we didn’t live the past, we won’t know the future. we live the present, and let’s make the most of it 😉


ps. i don’t know why i’m being this happy go lucky, lol.