it’s amazingly nonsense when we are dying to give almost everything to our friends but not to our family. however this is not something unusual.


it’s total screw up. we should put family first.




but reality, ADMIT IT. you do things for your friends much more than what you do for your family. for your father. for your mother. for your siblings.


we take for granted of family existence. we always think that family will always be there for us no matter what, but in fact, we already neglect them little by little.


there’s also this feeling when we are involved in community with friends, when we feel like we are more superior than others and feel like we can do things just how we like it. kind of feelings you will never get in family, but once you feel superior in your community you tend to drag this into your family and let me tell you: IT SUCKS.


not everything revolves around you.


and family is like any other human beings, if you don’t treat them well, sooner or later they will abandon you.


so i suggest you, we, i, start to reflect. have you treated you family as if you have treated your friends?


if not, you’re really fucked up. you deserve at least a slap from your parents or siblings.


i myself want to give one to my brother.