i honestly spent about an hour to type in the title. that was a huge mistake cause title should not really be a problem in the beginning. if we’re overthinking about title before we actually write, all we get is:

a) wasted time

b) limited content since we’re too attached to the title


so, wanting to defy the (b) option, i’m going to start with… the love triangle between Katniss, Gale and Peeta, irregardless that Mockingjay pt. 1 is on its way to the cinema because i can’t picture any other example.


in Catching Fire, there was this quote:

every revolution begins with a spark.


Panem’s citizen were tired of being controlled by the Capitol. When people in Capitol lived as if they would live forever, people in District 1 to 12 had to find any way to survive just another day. the condition pretty much changed when a girl decided that she wouldn’t want even her death to be dictated. let her life be miserable as it already was, but not her death. let the Nightlock berries be swallowed and take her and Peeta’s lives. let them Capitol people see that they didn’t own any of our lives.


Katniss’ idea ignited spark of revolution. it melted their frozen will and pushed them to do something, anything, for their own rights of having freedom. kept the spark, triggered the spark, and in any second the fire would burn. their task next was to maintain the fire flared, incinerated its target, and never extinguished.


in which spark involvement also happened to Katniss’ love life. without really noticing, there was spark between her and Gale since long time ago due to similarity of their hardship in taking care of their family. they kept their spark as it was, neither made it smaller nor bigger. then it drastically burst out when Katniss estimated that she might not live any much longer because of the Hunger Games.


in almost same time, Peeta came interrupting during the 74th Hunger Games, with his confession and everything. just as revolution, it only takes a spark, before it finally turned into fire. what made it count was who could make the fire last longer.


Gale certainly failed to do it since he chose to be the part of the revolution itself and kinda forgot about Katniss. on the other hand, Peeta was basically always there with Katniss although Peeta himself was not in good shape after the brainwash and his attempt to choke Katniss dead. nevertheless, it was Peeta who helped Katniss recover from all of the trauma, from all of her loss. it was Peeta who succeeded to keep his fire burning.


you know, fire. one hella amazing thing, fire is. it gives you warmth in adequate size, but it turns you into charcoal in major size.


however, yes, that it only takes a spark.

it essentially does,

to, for example, either initiate a revolution,


to love someone.


then again we need to be smart enough to preserve once the spark has developed into bigger spark, even into fire.

how to compartmentalize each and every ways to keep the fire.

because we can use the heat to be alive, to feel alive.

but we don’t need much for it to start ruining our life, do we?