Don’t make promises when you’re happy.

Don’t reply when you’re angry.

Don’t make decisions when you’re sad.

Don’t text when you’re drunk.


common mistakes that evvverybody does. since i’m one, ergo, i do those too.

i won’t talk about all four, just the third line.


i don’t usually address my feeling as sad until i actually shed tears. before that i often refer the feelings as upset. when i actually cry, i cry so much, i get red and puffy eyes, everyone will instantly recognize that i just cried.


and i just have to be with someone. preferably with my best friend to hug and cry some more and eat ice cream and cry some more and tell her everything and cry some more and more hugs and more cry. the point? to throw away my burden.


most of the times, girls actually have realized what they have to do, they just need to let out their feelings, they just need to be heard.


this is the critical point when you happen to be in the position of the ‘best friend’. you have the obligation to guide the sad person to the right way, objectively. because even if we – girls – have plans in mind and considered them as the best, they might be, subjectively.


when you’re sad, moreover, when you happen to cry, your sight is blurry. your head is fuzzy. your heart is messy. basically: whatever you have in mind, bigger possibility that it’s not the right one.  here you must understand how important the ‘best friend’ role is.


i don’t know if you prefer to cry alone in a closed room with mellow musics while squeezing your stuffed animal and eating a bucket of chocolate ice cream and big potato chips, but i really encourage you to tell somebody if you’re in one of your moment of weakness. because one day, you’ll gain your strength again. you won’t be in the same state forever. and you might regret that one decision you carelessly took when you were sad, when you were in that moment of weakness.