i was finally 23 year-old, bitches.

what changes?

basically, nothing.


still the same old me. still contradictory as hell. still being this sarcastic random girl.


cause, really, what do you expect?


ah perhaps one thing that has changed through the past year is that i don’t quite live the life to satisfy other person (people) anymore. i know there are some exceptions, but if it’s too much, you can stay away because you’re in my way.


if i didn’t have any obligations, what i really wanted to do is just drive away til i discover the earth’s end.

i don’t know where to, i just know that i want to go.


you know, that kind of spontaneous act. cause plans are just overrated. cause plans are nothing without actions. cause plans keep you locked.


i wanted to have as many ice creams as i wished.

i wanted to eat.

i wanted to do sightseeing.

i wanted to throw my laptop from two-story building’s window just to see it crashed and cracked and mashed and fallen apart.

i wanted to swim.

i wanted to hug my best friends.

i wanted to punch him.

i wanted to bungee-jump from grand canyon, or niagara falls.

i wanted to go up a hill and just sit there, let the wind blow, then sleep.

i wanted to be angry.

i wanted to be mutant.

i wanted to have midnight stroll.

i wanted to spend a night inside cinema.

i wanted to live in mall.

i wanted to sleep on thousands of books.

i wanted to have money-bath.

i wanted to slap people who cut the line.

i wanted to…