it has been a really, REALLY insane weeks.

too much things happened.

and way too much things to do.


however, weirdly, i don’t know why, i just couldn’t seem to put the events into words.


part of me wanting to memorize, part of me wanting to ignore.

but i couldn’t not write the things i want to memorize without writing the things i want to ignore.

perhaps that’s why i kind of decided not to write, at all.



i guess there are two possibilities here, since i have tendency to write whenever the thought and burden are circling endlessly in my head.

first: my mind didn’t consider everything happened for the past couple weeks as such weight that had to be lifted.

second: there were just too much burden, my body couldn’t wait til i spare some energy to put them into words, my body just excrete them through sweat, urine, feces, and of course, tears.



well, yeah. i’d be just humming if i force myself to keep writing here.