i’m in love with Ryan Higa.

*i might need to calm someone down after that statement.


yes, i love Ryan Higa, but, no, not in crazy way. he is a Youtuber, been involved in posting his vlogs and videos for 8 fricking-years, and his videos are somehow funny in rather smart way. i like the way his ADHD drives him in talking in such very, VERY long sentence. i like his sarcasm. i like his honest yet sometimes dumb but deep in his way opinion.


so many contradiction, and i am contradictory, so yeah, i can relate. hahaha


i literally just watched this video, and his narration hit me at 01:00


there are three main reasons why people said that video games are a waste of time:

1. they’re not good at them so they don’t like playing them

2. they like playing them but they have no time so they don’t want you to either

3. the worst of all, they judge you because you have an interest in something that they have no interest in, which is so judgmental and makes absolutely no sense


earlier this morning, i read a post that a friend shared about an “opinion” of a girl about this anime-cosplay event held in Jakarta, i don’t know, few days ago? or weeks? sorry, i can’t remember the time.

BUT, the so-called-opinion was more of like a judgment. that that girl, who isn’t even interested in Anime, couldn’t get how they were so many Otaku willing to ‘waste’ – spend – so much money on photobooks, figurines, posters, costumes, keychains and so on, which she thought it’s useless. a lot of people commented on her post, and mostly in angry tone, like, the girl shouldn’t judge it that way just because she doesn’t know anything about those stuff, that they’ve been saving for those collectible things, that it’s their hobby and their money and it depends on them how they want to ‘burn’ the money away.



i realize nowadays too much opinions being shared through social media. once the ‘opinion’ hurts some people, it will spread faster than Ebola. sometimes, even before we have the fullback story, the legit source, it’s just too late to block the transmission.


although, opinion and judgment are a bit overlapping, they’re in gray area where one can observe a sentence as an opinion, and other as judgment. for example, movie review. one can say they llloovvveee the movie because this and that, but other may say they dislike it because this and that. mostly, about three quarter, it’s the writers’ fault if somehow readers hate it and mark the post as being “judgmental”. the other quarter is the readers’ fault for being too temperamental.


is the post meant to be “judgmental”? dear writers – well, i guess that includes me too – it comes back to us all, whether we really mean it to be judgmental or not. a good post, a good writing  – in my opinion – has to be as objective as possible. unless some people twist their brains around and see things waay beyond what it’s supposed to be seen, a good thing will be viewed as good, vice versa.


if, and only if, you mean it to be judgmental to specific person(s), i hope you know that what you write hurts at least one heart.


and you never really know how it feels to be hurt until you feel it yourself.


i’m not sure why people are being judgmental, but somehow i can relate to what Ryan Higa said.

probably, they’re not as good as people they judge.

probably, they don’t feel good, so they want people they judge to feel so.

probably, people they judge have an interest in something they have no interest in, but they are interested in people they judge.


getting dizzy?

yeah, read over, s l o w l y.


to be honest, this post was based on what i experienced a week ago. i meant to write about this ASAP but i realized that if i did, what i would have been writing would just as judgmental as the post i read. i tried so hard to make this post as nonjudgmental as possible, i hope i made it because really, being judged when the judge knows nothing at all or knows only a little is… as i said before, hurtful.


however, i do know, that the world spins not because people stop judging but it’s going to be much prettier if we try to stop doing it.


people hurt enough.


and we may say that humans are way better than animals. but i don’t think animals judge their same species more that us Homo sapiens. so… roughly said…


how can we claim that we are better than animals?