i don’t know how i can describe how amazing Darren Shan is.


really, i don’t know.

i love his books. i love his characters. i love his plots and twists. i love the way he plays my emotion. i love the way he greets his fans by choking their necks. i love his works. like so very much.


doesn’t mean that i dislike, for example, the great JK Rowling. afterall, Harry Potter was the earliest novels i read back then. and Harry Potters will always be my inspiration to write something odd and unusual.  the novels give me such conviction that in a way, we can assure people to things that even illogical.


is there such thing as magic? perhaps. maybe. no. but Harry Potter, JK Rowling, made it to convince me that magic was great, that Hogwarts was an unbelievable school to study magic.


however, i love Darren Shan more.


and there will come a question:



i might not answer it here in this post, because, before i could list WHY i love Darren Shan more than JK Rowling or any other authors, another question imposed:


WHY did i read their stories?


and that brought me to the next question:


if, i write something, WHY must people read it?


it’s a logical question. i am nobody. i write things on this space because i need it, because if i don’t, i’ll go drowning in my own thoughts. i can not force anybody to really read what i wrote. WHY should i force them? WHY should they know what i wrote?


WHY do i so concern about the WHY?


well. somebody – you know who you are *wink* – showed me this video about a year ago.

How Great Leaders Inspire Action


the speaker specifically stated: people buy WHY you do it, instead of WHAT you sell.


being a writer has been my hidden dream for quite long time. i started to write my story when i was in Junior High. it was a story about 4 girls, who happened to be bestfriends, not knowing that they would be involved in some random magical adventure through symbols and some sort mysterious history of one of the girls… i recall that i wrote them on 4 notebooks, and i also tried to sketch a little, and now i can’t remember where i put them.


then i write another story when i was in High School. i had 7 main characters. 4 boys and 3 girls. they were some kind of mutants with different abilities, and they went to this school and a cliche that they of course had enemies, but in an occasion they had to help each other if they want to get out from a ‘game’. the sneak peek is also in this blog, you can go here: Flipside.


anddddd, one thing i’ve been trying to finish since 2 years ago – God, i’m so pathetic. i’ve mentioned this project few times, Incomplete Prophecy.


yet, i feel like there’s something missing. i still can not find WHY should people read my story. are they motivating? i guess not, they’re just… stories i made up. are they entertaining? i don’t know, i did have fun writing them, but i don’t know if any of you are going to feel the same.


then WHY?




damn it, WHY.