i guess it’s human’s nature that we all will want to have more than what we already had, than what we have.


enough with throwing pebbles to the window so that Romeo could meet Juliet, people started to develop thousand other ways to communicate. letters delivered by a messenger, letters sent by pigeon, telegram, pager, phone, cell phone, chat application, social media, soon we would be able to send telepathic signal as well, who knows.


human beings will always want more.

more of this and that.


just a little bit more speed so people can arrive early on their meetings. no more walking, people started to ride horses, invented carriage, bike, car, train, soon to hot air balloon, zeppelin, plane, shinkasen, faster car, faster plane, rocket.

just a little bit more place to hang out. garden, book store, market, supermarket, supermall, skyscraper, thousand of skyscrapers.


and i also want just a little bit more time to meet, see, talk, laugh, cry, tell stories, sing along, wonder, stack dreams, plan…

just a little bit more.


but that every little bit will grow into many and much.

and every too many and too much is never good.


pursuing what we eager to have is necessary, but good things will come to those who also wait.

i believe, when we feel like stop waiting, it’s the time to wait a little bit longer cause what we want is coming around the corner.


and being grateful is the easiest way to appreciate all of the good things in our life, no matter how big or small they are.