i’ve had this thought for quite awhile now.


for all i know, nothing in my life goes really smoothly. like, for everything i need to struggle my ass off simply to reach the minimum goal.


but later on after a sudden epiphany i had…

my life goes… well.

apart from the struggle, the whine, the cry, the bruise, afterall, i often – if not always – got the ‘minimum’ goal.

and goal is a goal, whether it’s minimum or maximum. minimum goal means i’ve got what i want. maximum goal means i’ve got more than what i want.



i want to pass in an exam.

if i pass, and i get C, that means i already achieve the goal i set. although the mark i get isn’t really satisfying.

but if i pass and i also get A, that means not only i achieve the goal i set, but i also get to keep my GPA up.


being successful is everybody’s ultimate dream.

and it’s like eating your favourite food. if you eat it little by little, you’ll appreciate and enjoy it more than if you eat a whole in one time. it’s not good, and you won’t appreciate the food as much as you do before.


as sucked as it may sound, failure teaches us that although not everything goes as well as we hope, it’s a way for us to appreciate a success. to empathize to the others who perhaps fail more than us. to subtly say that it’s okay to fail, as long as we have tried our best.


to fail once, or twice, or three times, is not the end of the world. we fall. we bleed. we can always get up. and wound heals.


it’s not about the failure. it’s about how we recover after the failure.