decision should have no plural form. cause we should only decide one thing we sure, not two, let alone three.


they say, make the right decision.

right for who?


because we can not please every damn people. there would be at least one hurt person because of every decision one choose.


dan pernah terpikir nggak, bahwa keputusan yang diambil orang lain, adalah suatu pengorbanan yang sangat besar, dan somehow ‘terpaksa’ – atau dari pertimbangan masak-masak – diambil karena diri kita, dan mungkin – just maybe – kita sudah semacam menghancurkan impian orang itu?


stupidly enough, i just realize that i might have done that :/


a person, a very specific person, drastically change his decision, and half of the reason is because of me.


i’m aware that his decision is the best for both of us.

but i’m also aware that because of this decision, he is ‘forced’ to postpone some of his dreams.


should i feel guilty?

should i do something, like should i change this decision?


but one sure thing i know is when there is a person who is willing enough to let go the dreams for you, you really better don’t let that person go.