way, waaaaay before she turned into who she is now, i adore Miley Cyrus.


haha yeah, i’m being serious 😀


i have her Breakout album. i watched Hannah Montana from seasons 1-4. i watched Hannah Montana the Movie. i cried over The Last Song.


well, then everything changed. or, rather, Miley showed the really Miley she always hid before when she was portraying Hannah Montana.


however, one of her songs i love is The Climb. it’s simple yet perfect. the music. the lyrics. the meaning.

well, perhaps not the music video, hahaha. but if you watch Hannah Montana the Movie, you’ll see that it suits well.


The Climb basically tells about the importance of a process of getting something, instead of the instant result. something we rarely appreciate these days.



There’s always gonna be another mountain
I’m always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be an uphill battle
Sometimes I’m gonna have to lose
Ain’t about how fast I get there
Ain’t about what’s waitin’ on the other side
It’s the climb


there’s a story behind my babble hahaha


this evening, i visited a relative who might need to have full denture and the fact is: i desperately need one patient of full denture, it’s one of the crazy requirements i need to fulfill. but the thing is, i need the upper jaw to be totally toothless, no roots, no teeth left. and ta-daa~~

there were still some teeth left.

that means i’ll have to spend more times to get them extracted and another time to wait for the wound to heal before i can make the impressions and everything.




nothing in my life is simple.


and my dad said something like:

it’s hard to get even one patient, yeah?




i know that not only in Dentistry that needs a lot of hard work. but somehow i feel like having really huge burdens here. not to mention that i feel like i lost my creativity, too.

and i tend to be such a troublesome for people around me ><


like, i always bother them with my complaints about how hard it is to finish the requirements, about how difficult it is to get patients, about how exhausting it is to wait for the lecturers, about how hard the exams are, about how much money i have to spend, about how i want to have holiday or at least getaway to ease my mind, about how tricky it is to handle patients, about how aggressive and ambitious people around are, about how little time i have just to have a quick lunch…

about how i unsure my life is going to be.


if you happen to read this, if you are a Dentistry student too… yeah there’s nothing we can do but holding on and keep climbing :’)

and if you are close to a Dentistry student, on behalf of all the Dentistry students, i’d like to say: thank you for being there with us :’)