one thing i hate from movies:

what they present on screen are so superficial.


Hermione was clever not just because she basically was, but she was diligent too.

Spiderman (Andrew Garfield) didn’t design and make the web-bracelet that easy, but they made it as if it’s just as easy as slicing a cheesecake.

and love story? they only showed us half of the journey. perhaps the first half – the struggle to get the girl/boy, perhaps the last half – the beautiful marriage.


Love might include only two people, but marriage is about gathering two worlds apart as close as possible.


it’s a f***ing hard work.


well, they say it only takes two to tango.

But it needs the whole collaboration of the musics and whatnot to harmonize the piece.


i hope we’ll get this through well. i believe we will.

nothing precious comes easy 🙂