nowadays, social media thrive even faster than Sebastian Vettel in his F1 car. how many accounts do you have?








what else?

do people still use Friendster or Myspace or Multiply?


well, personally. i had Friendster with very, very weird name since i was so in love with Shia LaBeouf. now i don’t even know my account name and the password. i haven’t opened it like years. hahaha


i don’t use Facebook as much as i did back then like 3 years ago since i signed up Twitter like in November 2009. i love using Twitter since it’s also a microblog, so i can basically type about everything i want, and it’s up to people whether they want to follow me or not, and i don’t really have the obligation to also follow the ones who follow my Twitter.


i had Plurk. but then i ignored it just like that.


no, i don’t have and i don’t intend to sign up for both Instagram and Path. it’s like…


i can share things over Facebook and Twitter.

i can get notification of someone’s birthday by Facebook.

i can post picture over Twitter.

i can write where i was over Twitter.

i can quote the song lyrics or book lines that i currently listen to or read over Twitter.

so, yeah, i don’t see why i have to have social media other than Facebook and Twitter, because personally, those two are more than enough for my needs.




in one of my conversation with friends, one of the  reasons they have sooo many social media is to stalk others’ activities. to find out if someone’s single, or if a friend is having a relationship with someone you suspect they hide…


yeah, basically to know every particular objects.


because asking the person directly is too bothering, i suppose (?)


anyway, i don’t exactly know why people do that. i mean, i sometimes do a little bit of stalking. but i don’t know, i guess i’m just not really into it. most of the times when a friend said: “you know they’re like going out.”, i’d be replying with: “oh yeah? i don’t know about that.”


i mean it’s their damn business, man. whether they’re really going out or not, it’s their business. and there’s no use of assuming that they’re really going out or not without asking the people involved.


even if you know, why do you care so much?

because there’s always a reason, right?


i might be overconfident, but for some reasons, i feel like i’ve been stalked for things i haven’t even been sure about. i’m trying to ignore it, but boy, does it bother me? yes, it does.


to KEPO is your choice, yeah it’s like rights for everyone. AS LONG you don’t disturb the people involved.


really, people.


paparazzi are technically just overly-excited-photographers who stalk artists who end up disturbing them, so paparazzi now fall into a bad term.


back again. your choice, people.

KEPO wisely.

please, don’t disturb, too much.


peace out.