one of doctor’s job is to diagnose disease one patient has. in order to cure the disease, remedy needs to be prescribed.


what’s the remedy for diseases caused by bacteria?


what’s the remedy for diseases caused by fungi?


what’s the remedy for diseases caused by virus?



not that hard, huh?

yeah, like everyone is able to be a doctor.


the problem is:

which antibiotics, anti-fungi, or antiviral suits with the disease? what’s the considerations we give those meds? if we prescribe more than one meds, would there be any side effects or adverse effects or multi-drugs interactions? is it really necessary to take meds instead of just vitamins booster?


the point is, for every disease there should be the remedy to at least ease the signs and symptoms.



what’s the remedy for missing someone?


because i feel like the more you call, text, chat, tweet that person, that’s useless if you’re not meeting the person directly.


a missing feeling is just like Amyloidosis.

an abnormal protein (amyloids) that builds up inside the cells of body, that can eventually shut down multiple organs.

when the missing feeling exists, and we’re not able to tone it down directly, it just builds up and up and up til it finally bursts into some frustration and we desperately HAVE to meet the person we’re missing.