for you who expected that this would be a love-related post, i’m sorry to say that THIS IS NOT.


i don’t know if you know this, but i kinda know how it feels to be not respected when you’re upfront and nobody listens to any single thing comes out from your mouth.

this comes from 2 years, i think, becoming lab work assistant.

in such crowded place, packed with students, hot air and no AC, i realize what we all desire is to GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE, ASAP.

you are restless. you are tired. you are stressed out due to tons of assignment and test.

trust me, i second that. i’ve been there. and newsflash, as long as you’re in dentistry, you’ll always be in that state. dentistry is nothing but stress.

and being ignored, SUCKS.


i tried not to make it such a burden, but who am i kidding? it sucks as hell.


as unimportant what the person is delivering out there, we who sit in front of the speaker should’ve known that we are obliged to respect him/her. at least, let the others understand what the speaker is trying to say.

don’t fool around.

don’t talk to the person next to you.

in other word: FOCUS.

shut up and focus.

or just get out.


that’s us as spectators.

us as the speaker?




we’ve already been given one. it’s not hard to use it, other than let it beat.

feel what you’re gonna say. put yourself as the listener.

what would they feel if you say that?


it’s not really comfortable being the only listener of group of 6, for example, when the other 5 are planning to eat out somewhere and you’re left behind., you’re left unnoticed. that also SUCKS AS HELL.

like, if you’re not gonna ask me to join, go find somewhere to discuss your bloody plan.

i don’t need to know where you guys would go. it’s not like i’m going to stalk you and then appear uninvited. it’s your rights to go out without me. but please, like pretty, pretty please, IF YOU HAVE A HEART, go discuss it somewhere else.


geez, man. nowadays it’s like heart is a useless organ. unless you need a heart transplant, heart is a mere blood-pumping machine that keeps us heartless.



so yeah.

i mean, use your heart to love someone.

use your heart to cry over some movies.

and please, also use your heart to respect others.