Mr. Bean is one of the best sitcoms and if there’s somebody against this motion, i believe that person is either remarkably stupid or already dead. Mr. Bean delivered comedy in the simplest way thus made sure the audience get the hilarious points.


Sir Rowan Atkinson, CBE is in fact nowhere as silly as Mr. Bean he portrayed since 1990-2012. He had MSc degree in Electrical Engineering. he was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire – that made him a ‘Sir’. yet, he chose to portray Mr. Bean, i believe it wasn’t because it was easy. in fact, getting a laugh from anybody is never an easy job.


actually, getting a simple smile is quite a challenge.

you need to want to smile first to acquire someone else’s.

and forcing yourself to want to, somehow needs huge courage. since not every smile we throw, will ever get returned.


but once we glance and even just a faint smile drawn, you know that you succeed. and i get personal satisfaction for that. just for a smile.


smile is a beginning to happiness. both your happiness and other’s.


i’m not sure whether i’ve given my best smiles to everyone. i’m trying to spread my creepy smiles, hoping that wouldn’t be interpreted as creepy lol. i just hope that by them returning my smile, they would at least feel teeny tiny happiness grows inside themselves.


cause i know it does grow every time anybody gives me a smile.

especially from particular people, person.


somehow i’d like to thank you for all smiles i’ve had. because of you.

eventhough you might not know all the tears rolled down. because of you.

i’m not planning to let you know the pain i sometimes feel. because of you.

and i’m sorry that i haven’t given my best. for you.