it's one heck apple - wikipedia

it’s a bloody apple – wikipedia


what is the picture above – if you ignore the caption below the pic?

it’s an apple.


let’s reverse it.

what is apple?


you can say:

a) Apple is a corporation which was founded by the amazing Steve Jobs.

b) Apple is the fruit which choked Snow White and sent her to her ‘death’ until the Prince kissed her

c) Apple is the forbidden fruit which ditched Adam and Eve away from heaven to the Earth.


d) Apple is a refreshing fruit which can be processed into various products, such as jam, juice, even chips.




as humans, we are gifted to sense.




smell, and



to acknowledge something is something, we can utilize those five senses.

to make sure an apple is an apple, we can see it, taste it, smell it, touch it.

but no, we can not, in any way, hear an apple.

to enjoy a song, we can hear it.

but hey, it’s impossible to see the song. to taste the song. to smell and to touch the song is no can do.


from what i learn, to notice something, we don’t have to use all of those five senses. just one will do.




once i heard this question being asked:

what is the different between ‘tired’ and ‘exhausted’?

i answered: exhausted is the superlative form of tired. exhausted is extremely tired.


if i can ask the similar question, i’d like to ask:

what is the different between ‘like’ and ‘love’?




see i’m not really a fan of shouting and yelling. i always hate when i caught my dad and my mum kind of ‘kick up a row’. i usually end up to avoid going home early, like i want to spend as much time outside before actually heading home.


everytime i’m stuck in my room, faintly hearing the quarrel, my head’s going fuzzy and i can’t really focus. i can’t understand what they’re yelling about yet i can’t not still listen to them through the walls.


but i’m sure they’re gonna make up, let bygones be bygones cause they simply love each other.




what is love?


can you see love?


can you hear love?


can you taste love?


can you smell love?


can you touch love?

wait for it…



as the famous quote from A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks,

Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it


in my opinion, i can still hear wind. i love the sound of the wind. furthermore, the ocean wind.

but i have no idea the sound ‘love’ makes.

and i don’t recall we’re taught that we have the sixth sense of ‘feeling’.


sometimes i overthink many things. love is one of them.

i just can’t clarify whether to love or not to love something (or someone) because up til now, i can’t decide or describe well what love is.


maybe, it’s because love happens to be a verb too, so we can’t really describe it.

but so many of us are literally talking about love as a noun. so logically, there should be some explanation about what love really is.


it’s not like it’s going into either your or my exam. however i’m guessing now that love might be a syndrome. a compilation of various symptoms. like, feeling the butterflies in your tummy. or, addiction towards one particular thing. maybe the happy feeling when you’re around the thing you love, sad when you have to be apart.


have any ideas?