who said that maintaining relationship is an easy-peasy work?



in many ways, relationship is hard work. it’s another challenge to build up a connection with someone who at first wasn’t close with you, at all.


in other topic…


i fricking hate GOODBYES.


i am not a good goodbye-er. i can not end up something properly. i spend more than 3 minutes to figure out how to end a phone call. and another 10 minutes to still talk around and give hints with “so…” so that i hope it’s not me who has to end the phone call.



since GOODBYES, implicitly contain a big question: can we still meet again, someday?


see, we can not separate those two things. because sooner or later, in any kinds of relationships, we have to face goodbyes.


i have this one removable orthodontics patient. her name is Erika. last week she notified me that she’s got a job in other city, so we need to finish the treatment like ASAP before she moves. we have been in this doctor-patient relationship for about 20 weeks or 5 months or nearly half of year.


and you know, i feel like our relationship is more than just doctor-patient. we’re like already friends. and i feel hard to let her go after all of the times we’ve been through.


i’m so very happy for her. i know that it’s not easy to get job nowadays. and i also know that Erika has worked very, very hard to get that job. and this isn’t the kind of feeling usual doctor or operator feels.


if this is just doctor-patient relationship, i would only be like “oh, good for you.”

but what i feel is like, “oh my God, congratulations! i’m gonna miss you so much!” then tears are coming. but it’s happening anyway. i’m so helpless knowing that i can’t interfere, haha.

however, i am. i am very happy for you, Erika 🙂 thank you so much for all of the things you’ve done for me. when i’m already a dentist, it’s half because of you and your teeth, hahaha. and yes, i’m so really gonna miss you :’)



Armageddon always makes me cry. eventhough i have watched it for about twenty times or so. but that particular moment is just desperately sad. if i were Liv Tyler, i would perhaps say to Ben Affleck, “please. please, don’t leave me.”


so, yeah.

please. please don’t leave me.