who the hell doesn’t know Miley Cyrus? a super phenomenal and talented singer who is unfortunately unknowingly being massively exploited.

she started her career as one of Disney’s talents. nobody doubts Disney’s ability to blow up new talent. from Britney Spears to Selena Gomez. unfortunately, not many manage to lead relatively peaceful and far-from-controversy life. one example i already mentioned on the very first sentence: Miley Cyrus.


she used to portray Miley Stewart who was also living double life as a teen pop sensation, Hannah Montana. she received very great receptions particularly from teenagers who considered her as their role model since she showed many positive characteristics.


But that all changed when the Fire Nation attacked.


haha, that’s Avatar narration, but pretty much everything changed.

when the 4th season of Hannah Montana aired, Miley Cyrus was still about 18-19 year-old, but she had changed a lot (compared to her previous state on Hannah Montana season 1-3). apparently, Miley didn’t want to be seen as teenager anymore. then she quit being Hannah Montana, she spread news about her engagement with Liam Hemsworth, then she cut her hair like really short, after that everything went wild to We Can’t Stop, Wrecking Ball, Adore You.


so much speculations going from various sources; parents, music critics, and maybe even psychiatrist?

what the heck happened to this girl?


in my opinion: she matured way too fast.


basically, that’s what happened to almost all of Disney’s talents.


they live sparkly lives, paparazzi tag along wherever and whenever they go, rumors are hardly inevitable, and as much as they’re trying to live a normal life, they will never get it, like ever. when they think they’ve got everything under-control,  the truth is they’re under-pressure.


that’s what you get from over-catalyzing.


i’m not inferring that catalyst is forbidden. it’s necessarily needed.


but it all takes time.


let’s say, you plant a seed of apple. even if you add a container of fertilizer, it still won’t be able to be harvested in the next day. and if a mother drinks so much milk and other nutritious food, impossible her baby can be delivered within a month. even in making instant noodles we need to wait for at least 3 minutes!


what it seems to be getting into people’s head is they can make everything possible.

that’s true. with determination, efforts  and prayers.


some people make it at the first attempt. some don’t.

some fully aware of it, some don’t.

some wait until they succeed, some don’t then they quit because they think they’ve already failed.

while perhaps they’re this close to reach their goals.


at this moment, i’m fighting hard against myself.

as much as i’m missing someone, i know well that actually i don’t miss that someone that much cause i can actually do other things rather than sending text saying “i miss you”.

cause i know, it can wait. it has to wait.

til the right time, til i can no longer bear the feeling.

until that time comes, let’s wait cause Monalisa isn’t the only art in the world.