i despise birds.

i despise Warren of X-Men.

i basically despise of creatures with pretty wings that can freely fly in the air. after avoiding planes. and lightnings. and hard blow of wind.


on a second thoughts, i don’t really despise them, hahaha.


but i really want to feel how it feels like to have wings and fly around like there’s no boundaries. borders. walls. cages.


even reality.


once my P.E. teacher in junior high school – or elementary? – asked to the whole class about the difference between walking and running.


he – or she? i really can’t remember orz – explained:

when you're walking, one of your feet HAS to step on the ground. while when 
you're running, there's a moment when both of your feet are lifted on 
the air.


from those sentences, made me come to realize, that…

unless there was such thing as miracle,


running is the closest thing you’ll ever get to fly without wings.