i think More Than Words is a song which has been covered the most. whose artist’s version do you like the most? Frankie J.? Westlife? or the original one, Extreme?


i love Extreme’s.  sounds rough and too simple, yet it’s the most honest. although, this morning i watched The Voice 5 re-run, and 3 of the contestants were covering the song, accompanied by the song composer, Nuno Bettencourt. they were spectacular :’)



More Than Words describes how people misuse the phrase “i love you”. instead of using it as a true expression, people tend to make it as an excuse. they say it so easily, like it’s a usual thing to say, similar to “good morning” or even “goodbye”.


while it shouldn’t be that easy.


that’s why, maybe, instead of just saying “i love you” we can express it in more subtle yet clearer way. show someone that you really care about her/him – in not a creepy way.


and sometimes, you’ll have to give love a time out, to make you feel how it is to be missing  her/his presence. to appreciate the little time you have. to really learn the value of saying “i love you”.