this afternoon just finished reading The Saga of Larten Crepsley: Ocean of Blood, written by my most favourite author ever: Darren Shan.


Ocean of Blood

Ocean of Blood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


instead of a very horror title and in fact that the book is really filled with blood and killing scenes, there’s this love story i adore so much. Malora and Larten’s love story. furthermore, Malora’s brave confession about her feeling to Larten. it’s just perfect.


“What about you?” Larten asked. “If I return to the clan, you will have to study hard before i can blood you.”

Don’t be ridiculous,” Malora snorted. “I’ve no intention of letting you blood me. Vampirism doesn’t interest me in the slightest.”

Larten gawped at her. “Then why, by the black blood of Harnon Oan, have you been following me around the world?” he thundered.

“You really thought I wanted to become a vampire?” she asked. When he nodded, she sighed. “I knew you were naive, but i didn’t think you were that dense.” As he puffed himself up to bellow at her, she reached out and gently caressed his scar. Her touch calmed him.

“I never wanted to join the clan,” Malora said softly. “I said I did because that was what you needed to hear. I don’t care about returning to the human world either. I only want to be with you for all the nights and days that i have left. I knew you were the man for me the moment I saw you.”

“Wait a minute!” Larten gulped. He hadn’t been expecting a declaration of love. “You’re a child,” he wheezed.

“A young lady,” she corrected him. “And getting older. I’m patient. I can wait until you decide I’m old enough.”


“If you’re about to say that I’ll always be a girl in your eyes,” she interrupted sharply, “don’t. You might reject me, but don’t insult me. I won’t stand for that, not from any man, even the love of my life.”

“The love of…” Larten echoed weakly.

“You don’t need to do anything now,” Malora said sweetly. “You’re slow, like most men, but you’ll catch up soon and realise you love me as much as I love you. I just want you to know that, in the meantime, I’ll follow you no matter where you go. Your path is mine because my heart is yours.”


Malora is like my heroine. i wish i had enough courage to declare my love the way Malora did.


FYI, this isn’t the end of Malora’s prove that she really loved Larten. however, i don’t want to reveal all of the story here. all i can say is, her love didn’t end happily.


… she lay the palm of one hand on the door and bid a silent farewell to the lover she would never get a chance to truly love.


i might get the whole story wrong, but i feel like this love story is the main focus Darren Shan trying to deliver as part of Larten Crepsley’s long live. if you’re curious enough to know the full story, please be kind to buy the book. although it’s a struggle for me to collect the all four of the Larten Crepsley’s saga since they’re not available in Periplus Yogyakarta. however, it’s so worth it since Darren Shan’s story never let me down.


Even in death may she be triumphant.