sooo, yeah, i’ve been so infected by K-Music for quite some times now. thanks to Ninis, the very first friend who introduced me her favourite boy band (at that time, i don’t know whether she’s still into them nowadays), Super Junior. ah, yeah, you know them. they’re renowned for boy band with the most number of member, which was 13 members.


the thing is, music and i don’t always get along. i was so indifferent towards K-Pop. perhaps because the only K-music i knew back then was only Super Junior and i actually didn’t really click with their music. and then… thanks to Reina, for forcing me to watch SM Town concert in TV early this year that opened my eyes for SHINee.


FYI, i used to mock SHINee, like saying, “what kind of name is that? SHINee? pffft”


what goes around comes around, i guess? hahaha :))


unfortunately, as i scrutinize, SM Entertainment’s artists have this tendency of image and music from ‘innocent, sweet and cute’ – ‘mature yet sweet’ – ‘mature with sharp stare and intense music and moves’ – ‘looking cool’ – ‘trying too hard to look cool’ – ‘weird, sometimes with too colourful suits’ – ‘weird and just keep getting weirder’. i think, SHINee has come to the end stage, at least they’re on the brink. this marked my move to expand my edu-K-tion.


haha, see what i did there? edu-K-tion? good right? :>


thanks to cable i subscribed to utilize our desire of watching Formula 1 race, so i only ordered full sport and full movie packages. these packages come with some bonus channels. one of them is ArirangTV. no, i didn’t add extra to open KBS or SBS or else cause i was satisfied enough with ArirangTV which based all of it’s programs to English.


from ArirangTV, i know this half-hour program named Pops In Seoul. when i first watched it, the VJ was Daniel of DMTN and he was great. even my Dad said that his English was really good. unfortunately, he got some kind of marijuana scandal then he was replaced by Peniel of BtoB.


Peniel was completely awkward and his English pronunciation wasn’t even as good as Daniel’s. for some time i blasphemed his lacks, quite harshly. somehow i always watch this simply to mock Peniel but gradually i found his awkwardness was somehow cute and laughable. as he’s getting better and better at hosting the show, all of sudden he’s leaving and being replaced by Lim of Wonder Girls.


ah, what a shame. Peniel is adorable and i want this wish to my Mum to adopt him becoming my little brother.


Peniel’s reason for leaving was because he was concentrating on BtoB’s comeback. they’ve released new video titled ‘When I Was Your Man’, a jazzy song with simple concept video. too bad, Peniel’s part is tooooooo little. other than that, BtoB is doing good. the music itself is good and their vocals are clearly improving.


here’s the official video πŸ™‚


other than watching Pops In Seoul, at one random night, i accidentally found ArirangRadio which was able to listen on laptop by streaming it. because i’m half-nocturnal, i often do things when night has come but still need couple hours to sleep before dawn. well, the point is, at that time, i was on laptop and the on air radio program was called Hot Beat with Kevin of ZE:A as its DJ. i have to admit, i didn’t know what ZE:A was.


turned out it is a boy band, too, with 9 members. and Kevin is the main vocalist.


i tuned in Hot Beat almost every night. half because of wanting to hear Kevin’s hilarious broadcast and the topic he and Angelina talked about at Culture Code; other half because of i made friends on its Message Board πŸ™‚ their names are Dewi (from Indonesia, currently studying in Bandung) and Chloe (from UK). unique thing is, we never met before but it feels like we’ve been friends for ever πŸ˜€ love the girls so much >o<


recently, ZE:A made their comeback with full members, all 9 of them. the album is titled Illusion and their title track is The Ghost of Wind. please check the official video below.


it starts with gloomy accordion voice and steps sound then get synthesized a little before the orchestra starts playing the music. so dramatic.


personally, i think this is their best song so far. the music is not only dramatic, it’s also solid, thanks to the orchestra, the violins are terrific. you know, real music will always produce high quality song. what differs this song from other boy band’s is actually how they really ‘exploit’ their voice type.


most band usually only split the songs to all of the members then sing the chorus together. but what i note from The Ghost of Wind, on some parts, they appoint Hyungsik to do low while Kevin to do high – on official video at 0:53, and vice versa near the end, around 3:12. on live performance, they don’t do the first, probably because it’s obviously hard to dance and sing AND harmonize but i think they always nail the second.


jump to 2:50 on this live performance to catch Hyungsik-Kevin voice.


things i like too is their suits! they have this flowing long-back suits that accentuates their circular moves. ah, i always love men with suits – and perhaps tie.


anyway, for a 9-member group, they split parts quite fair. Junyoung and Kwanghee get too little part, though. well, at least Taeheon, Heecheol and Minwoo split fair rap – it’s good for 3 rappers in a group. Siwan gets little too, but i don’t think that’s a problem since – IMO – he’s the visual of group, he’s done his job just by looking handsome, hahaha. Kevin, Hyungsik and Dongjun get the most part. but i was quite surprised that Minwoo sang the last line of second chorus. nice improvement πŸ™‚ – it’s always good that a rapper can also sing.


why am i writing this post, you ask?

why not?

if something is good, it deserves all publication it can get πŸ˜€