living in the modern era, sometimes i feel envy of Christopher Columbus who sailed half of the world to finally find America. or the trader of Silk Route to introduce and be introduced by endless cultures. even for some part i wish i were one of those fishes who have to migrate, like salmon perhaps.


their lives are greatly dynamic. and from my point of view, being dynamic awfully means a lot.


Earth itself is dynamic. it changes every single second although we may not realize it. changing implies two things:

one. incapable to comprehend, damaged and dead; or

two. capable to receive, adaptive and live.

i’ve been living under a rock for quite too long due to study and its obligation and everything. but i believe basically because i had no real intention to get out from that imaginary rock.


internet is such a phenomenal invention. internet these day is so fast. news fly in and out in seconds. information is abundant until we’re forced to filter which one is good or bad for ourselves.  but there’s one thing lacks from internet: it’s static.


we might know how to Tweet in foreign language (as for me, English is foreign). but i won’t know how good i am until i speak English towards another English speaker. and each speakers have their own way to speak English. cause by speaking it, the language becomes dynamic. it changes.


we might easily recognize the image of magnificent Pisa tower or picturesque Niagara falls. but it might not be that easy to reach them. we might have to detour cause the old street’s broken. and we might have to cancel the trip simply because we don’t have enough allowance (yet). everything could happen, dude.



memorable days and nights 🙂

non-stop moving from one place to another like our feet (my brother’s and mine) were tireless. craving to know more, what’s possibly ahead of us after every turns.


after this, i might not move that far (yet!), but i’ll definitely try to make my life more dynamic 🙂


like Steve Jobs once said. “Stay hungry. Stay foolish”.