so here it is, finally i decided to make it five of five. no longer five of who knows how much, kekeke.


i’ really don’t know how people would describe myself, and i don’t think that i would care that much of what they think.

i can’t force people to describe me as how they would towards Emma Watson or Selena Gomez or Miss Universe.

all i’m able to do is share my perspective, dream, believe and hope that some people would accept and reciprocate as well as i’m doing.  after all, people buy WHY you do it, instead of WHAT you sell 😉


you know when they say being in black or white state is better than in gray state?

i say, at least you know where you stand. even gray is an option. that means you’re being neutral.


what i disagree is, when you’re in a black state but you pretend that you’re in white state. NO, it ain’t the same with being in gray state.

more concrete saying is, you can be The Avengers or Loki. you either in the good side OR in the bad side.

and i appreciate Loki’s choice to be the bad man. at least he chooses one side.


thing i resent: if Loki covers himself up to be Avengers.


not talking about double agent job. i’m describing possibility of people’s character.


yeah, like that children story, The Wolf in the Sheep-skin? someone evil but pretending to be kind?


in my opinion, kindhearted people don’t look up for agreement that they’re kind. they sometimes don’t even realize that they’re kind.

in contrary, evil people…

yeah you can conclude yourself.


personally, i’d rather people think that i’m mean or something but by the time goes by, they know i have some good qualities within.


and here’s the thing going on in the universe:

what goes around, comes around.


other word: karma