if i continue writing in what it sounds so negative, i probably should change the blog’s name into “too pessimist to be realist”



actually i wrote this on the part three, but i tweeted this again this evening and i got several shocked response.


“they say being honest is important, but lately they don’t appreciate honesty. what the f*ck do you want, society?”


i think what made it rather scary is the ‘f*ck’ part, didn’t it? πŸ˜› kekeke


well, the world is dynamic. even the earth itself rotates and revolves from the power given by God.

remember the two men, A and B i mentioned in part two? they also had this conversation below.


A: the world is changing day by day. on the other matter, we all were born to be a leader (Khalifah). combining both of them, do we have to, A, be a leader by following the changes, or, B, be a leader but not following the changes cause the real truth actually stays the same.

B: i really can’t choose A or B, i’m more like in between. cause we can NOT stop the world from changing.

A: true. but as a leader, do you want yourself to be lead by outside influence?

B: back again, i’d rather to lead along with the change.


actually this conversation also went for several minutes, fifteen or so but it’s been few weeks, and i’m sorry for my lack of memorizing ability πŸ˜›


well. we really can not ask earth to stop rotating. or trees to stop falling their leaves. or bees to stop producing honey. or even volcano to stop erupting. the point is, changes are basically like every other things in the universe. changes have 2 sides, good or bad and it also depends to how we interpret them.


say someone giving a suggestion or even complain. we could accept and consider it, or take it as terror and shut down the person so that person stop bugging us again.


what? as i recall i never did (and hopefully will never do) the second one.

but trust me, i know few real life examples of the second one. it is happening between us, in our apparently-screwed-up-society.


pffft, this society thingy…