well, so, here we are on part three. i don’t know how much of you that read previous two parts, and i couldn’t care less what you think of them.


i’m on a REBELLION phase.




ah, anyway.

since we’re kids, parents and teachers kept telling us to tell the truth, no matter how bitter that truth might be.

hurtfully from what i found these days, it would turn out bit better if we lied.


no, it’s not like i’m suggesting you to lie. i simply stating a fact.


how many people would understand and receive as it was the truth you delivered?

for example. a boy confessed to his girlfriend that he’s cheating on her because he’s bored of her. he told her the truth, and i know that’s neither nice nor comforting for the girl. but that’s the truth.

most of the times, that scene would end in big fight, they broke up, and never talked to each other again, then the boy quickly had new relationship with the other girl while the girl fell into desperation.


IF the boy told her a lie, like a cliche one, “i’m not that good for you” or “this is not working” or perhaps “you’ve changed”…

blurry reason but covering the truth that he’s cheating on her.

they might still be at least friend.


now, the question is…

why trying hard to plant on being honest to kids if in the future most of the people wouldn’t appreciate the truth we say?