it’s reasonable if Indonesian are left behind.


i am one of Indonesian, no doubt.

but i’m not proud of it, most of the times. unless Rio Haryanto gets podium again.


i’ve been disgusted by so many things happen in here. like…

how they, the Government people, want to be prioritized. a concrete example would be they keep honking so the other vehicles forced to make way for them. that’s totally selfish and useless. why won’t you wait like the rest of us? -__-”


one religion, but oddly the people with same religion are fighting over “when we should start Ramadhan“. the people who started earlier and later then are arguing who’s wrong and who’s right. -___-”


digging other people’s mistake. purposely.


as i wrote before, NOBODY is perfect. we make mistake, often, sometimes, rarely. eventually we all do. why wasting your time and energy to purposely look for them? what’s good in it? even if you’ve found the person’s flaws, what would you do next? spread it out?

what, are you teenagers? -___-” bzzzz grow up, would you?


this example might not from indonesia, but it’s worth to tell.

i’ve told you that i might have fallen wee deep to K-music. i made myself noticed about Jay Park‘s past, about his life when he was 2PM’s leader and why he backed out.

in case you don’t know, when Jay Park was a trainee (he was Jaebum back then), he wrote on Multiply (i’m not sure, it’s Multiply or other web) to his friend in USA that he didn’t like being in Korea. he said some things else, but i don’t quite remember. then when he was already being 2PM’s leader, a netizen found out and spread this to basically the world. some hate him, some support him.


i am on the second group. i so support him.


okay. it’s Jay Park’s personal account and he meant it to his friend. to make it even clearer, it’s personal. do you like it when you poo and then being peeked by other people? i’m pretty sure your answer is no.

we all want some privacy. not only artist, or President, or athlete. why don’t we start to appreciate it?


from that news, Jay Park had quite setback. he went back to USA, and he stayed low. just recently he’s back to K-Pop scene. by the way, like his Joah a lot.


there. is there any good in exposing someone’s mistake? well, unless you do want to trip a person… then that will make you really evil.


once i became a ‘spectator’ of this tough arguments from 2 men, let’s called them A and B (B is a lecturer).

A asked, “how to measure moral college students have?”

B said, “well, does it really matter? cause basically, college lecturers don’t teach moral. when the students accepted into college, they were assumed to have enough moral.”

A replied, “wouldn’t that be wrong? if you teach medicine, you have to teach the students not to do malpractice, obviously.”

B answered, “oh that kind of moral, yes of course, it’s work-moral. lecturers must teach it. but about daily moral, i don’t think it’s college lecturers job. if a particular student, for example, got ‘accidentally’ pregnant – which is unusual in Indonesia, lecturers have no right to interfere, comment or anything.”


this kind of argument went for hours, i guess, cause after an hour, i left them to do something else.


now i’ve found one good thing to be a grown up – although i’m not quite sure whether i’m already one or not.

a grown up knows what he/she does. a grown up doesn’t need to be told which one is right or wrong cause he/she already knows to differ. a grown up deserves a space, to make mistakes so that he/she knows how to fix and avoid it the next time.


appreciate grown up. if you also consider yourself a grown up.