me saying: “i want to tell you something… ah, but it can wait.”

he answering: “if it can wait, why do you bring it up now?”


i have three cases of waiting.

first case.

the moment i caught his eyes, i knew there’s something. until now, i still remember that gaze. that straight forward, following gaze. i can feel it until my heart’s like being squeezed.

i waited for while.

we made it. just not that long.


second case.

i waited and waited. didn’t want to rush things. haven’t made it until now. even so, deep down, i still wait. i have no exact plan when to stop waiting.


third case.

i got tired of waiting. i wanted to tell it as soon as possible. i just wanted it.

i screwed it up.

i just made it into ‘teaser’. that very first conversation i wrote. never quite made it again into really telling him.


there are only two possibilities if you wait.

one: you get better chance.

two: you blow every chance you might get if you don’t wait.


let me tell you that in my statistic, the first possibility very rarely happened.