they say, change is good.

i say, it depends.

quite recently i did or experienced some changes and i had various expressions for them all.



English: The Click Five at their Manila Press ...

English: The Click Five at their Manila Press Conference (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

what do you guys know about THE CLICK FIVE?

instead of i sorta like them so much?

instead of the lead vocalist was Eric Dill?

instead of the lead vocalist was then replaced by Kyle Patrick?

instead of they already had 3 albums?


yeah, let me tell you that there’s no more The Click Five. they decided to break up. separate. go on their own ways. click here to read the official notice.


i was freaked out when i read first about their official announcement. it was January 15th, 6 in the morning and i was preparing for my Orthodontics IV exam.


personally, i totally didn’t catch any signs that they’d break up. i mean, i know their last album, TCV was in 2010, which was rather long time ago and Kyle Patrick had his own solo career, in fact he’s already had 2 EPs. but considering they were college mates and else…


no. i couldn’t believe this would ever happen.


on this term, change is bad.



lately, i’ve been Tweeting randomly like

“tried to do karaoke on SHINee‘s Lucifer, but the text is in hangeul! #die”


“happy birthday my last month crush, Junho (2PM), stay handsome.”


“why does Super Junior become like this weird?”



this is kinda ‘thing’ now.

and almost everyone reacts to me like, “what, you like K-Pop?”

“since when you’re interested in Korean?”

“are you turning to like Korean?”

they all said it in curious, shocked way. hahaha


well, K-Pop is not that bad. actually they’re cool.

and to answer, i’m not a K-Pop addict. i used to ‘love’ Super Junior once. then i reduced it to just ‘like’.

Super Junior

Super Junior (Photo credit: Aeternitas.)

then couple months ago, i checked this boy band 2PM’s hit song Put Your Hands Up that’s really awesome and gave me the whole new perspective about a truly manly boy band. but then i realized, apart from Put Your Hands Up and I’m Your Man, their songs don’t really fit with my likeness.

I'm Your Man (2PM song)

I’m Your Man (2PM song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


and next, thanks to Pump It Up Fiesta Reina and I often play, now i’m really into SHINee. i have ultimate crush on Kim Jonghyun, his voice is sooo goood. and slowly, i’m crushing every single personnel of SHINee hahaha πŸ˜€ who knows how long this might last πŸ˜€

Repackage Cover

Repackage Cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


as far as i know, this change is good, for me πŸ˜›



i had my hair cut.

not just cut, but ‘cut’ cut. like i cut it real short.

i used to have black wavy hair to the back. now, it’s only to the shoulder. kinda like Alex Russo‘s hair in Wizards of Waverly Place season 3 πŸ˜€ *i know that sounded too confident, but yeah my hair is just that long now πŸ™‚

Alex Russo

Alex Russo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


and i actually like my short hair. no more fall out hairs on the floor. easier to be combed. saving shampoo and conditioner too πŸ˜›


this change, me likey πŸ™‚



you know how they create smart phone, smart TV, smart-every-device? sadly, even smarter the device isn’t always followed by even smarter user.


i mean, some of my friends already have smart phones (Android, Blackberry, iPhone, etc), and they also have tablets (iPad, Galaxy, etc), while they also have laptops (Vaio, Mac, etc).

my device?

Nokia C7 with Symbian Belle inside, and HP mini laptop with Windwos-XP inside.


and my life goes on smoothly.

because i can get all the things i need from my cell phone. text, call, What’s App, OperaMini, stopwatch, Microsoft app, push e-mails, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Camera, Yahoo Messenger, zip, rar, Maps (GPS), Shazam, Video player, Music player, until YouTube downloader! oh yeah, games. i have Farm Frenzy, Diner Dash, Burning Rope, Freecell, Solitaire, Doodle Jump, Doodle Fit, and more. not an Angry Bird fan πŸ˜‰


while my mini laptop works quite well, too. sometimes maybe the laptop made few troubles, and it battery is no longer working, but still, i plan on keeping this laptop as long as possible. i still am able to chat, do the assignments, watch tons of movies, download a lot of things, play games (not a game addict though hehe), play piano – yes, i have electronic piano in my laptop…


you know, in my opinion we don’t have to follow every gadget change. it’s how we optimize each we already have. good for you if you can buy each, but it’d be better if you try to maximize the work first.


well yeah, probably that’s all.


Gandhi once said, “you must be the change you want to see in the world.”


change wisely πŸ™‚