good evening – or even good morning, i know it’s such a weird time to post something, ultimately something with zero meaning cause i probably would just end up updating my recent life. if you can call it life #pffft

tomorrow is gonna be an official the last final exam i’m gonna do. i still don’t know whether to take 8th semester to fix some bad grades. well, perhaps not, but i’ll truly know when this semester really ends.

anyway, yesterday i was just so screwed up, i ended up sending texts to Tudgeman. #iknowright?!

i’m myself still kinda amazed, what did i think until i did that.

there are some reasons.
A. i notice how jerk i was towards him, so that was me sort of apologizing. i plan to really tell him that i was sorry about how i messed his life – if i was, i’m not quite sure.
B. i deflected from obligation to study for the final exams, and tired of Facebook and Twitter cause i want a real conversation. not just a comment, like, or retweet.
C. i just wanted to text someone but didn’t know who. well, to admit, i knew who i wanted to text to, but i just text him on the New Year transition and i didn’t want to bother him so much. ‘him’ who you asked? just a friend that i still haven’t decided the alias yet.

yeah, those were probably the reasons.

New Year, ouch of course! Happy New Year to all of you out there! congratulations, we had passed the dooms day! #pffftMayans.

what else to say?
hm… i currently studying about geriatrics for tomorrow exam. and the more i read, the more i blame myself, “dang, why didn’t you just go to Medical Faculty.”

oh yeah, you know this movie, Pitch Perfect, is sooooo awesoooome. i’m basically into musical movie, but this one is gonna be one of my most favourite movie eveeeeerr. Anna Kendrick and Skylar Astin sing and act really well. gosh, i want to do a cappella.

hm… told you before that this isn’t gonna mean anything.

so, i gotta get back to study. cheerio!

ps. since my wifi is off, i’m writing this post on my cell, using an app named CutePress 🙂